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April 11, 2016

Teasers, Author Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway! The Warrior Prophet, The Watcher Saga #3 by Lisa Voisin

Mia Crawford is a prophet.

She can see angels. She also sees demons. Everywhere.

The angels are preparing for war to get her fallen angel boyfriend, Michael, back. A war that could take years.

Haunted by visions of Michael’s soul being tortured, Mia can’t rest until she knows he’s safe.

To save him, she must make an impossible journey through Hell with the one person she prayed she’d never see again.

He tucks his wings into himself, but they are still so close I could touch them. He walks a small circle around me. Still a dance.

“That’s very different,” he says.

“I don’t see how. I am human. They are my people.”

He bends forward until his face is inches from mine. “Your mother had passed. You needed me. We’re allowed to appear when we are needed.”

His breath warms my cheek and it’s all I can do not to lean closer. 

“Really?” My eyes search his for a sign—any sign—of feelings for me. “She died ten moons ago.” Did only pity bring him? “Why did you stay?”

A light breeze ruffles the leaves overhead. It’s warm but welcome. Michael backs away, the tops of his cheeks lit with pink. He swallows and his Adam’s apple jumps in his throat. “Perhaps I needed you.”

His voice is music, and his energy hums through me, making me bold. I couldn’t imagine him needing anyone, least of all me. With a smile, I glance at him and hold up the feathery filament. A small piece of his magic, its light sparkles and plays along my hand, the lines of his throat and jaw, the front of his tunic.

“If I return this,” I say. “What will you give me in exchange?”

“Well.” He frowns and thoughtfully strokes his chin, but his eyes are still smiling. “What do you want? Riches and jewels aren’t mine to command. I am but a humble servant.”

“Can you make it rain? It would be good for my father’s crops.”

“You know I cannot,” he scolds. “Doing so would be interfering.”

I do know, but enjoy the game, the way he looks at me as though he sees something hidden deep inside me, the secret of who I am.

“How about a kiss?” I ask.

He casts his gaze to the ground and bows his head. “Of course. A blessing.” He rests his hands on my shoulders, and even that light touch scorches me. White-hot like the sun.

Closing his eyes, he leans in to kiss my forehead, but I want a real kiss. Not the kiss of an angel, but of a lover. I rise to my toes, lifting my chin, and press my lips to his.

Hi, Lisa! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I’m thrilled to be here.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m an author of young adult fiction. In my spare time, I lead a writing group for teens in my home town of North Vancouver, Canada. I’m also a meditation teacher who’s curious about all things metaphysical. My 15 years of metaphysical study piqued an interest in angels and demons that only writing about them could satisfy.

On a more personal note, I live with my fiancé and our two cats. 

How long have you been writing?

I've been writing stories since I was in elementary school. I kept writing through high school, to the point where I preferred writing stories over doing other homework. My parents started to get concerned about me and tried to talk me out of this ridiculous notion that I could be an author.

They won out for a little while, then I went to university and took up technical writing just to prove I could earn an income from the written word. Though my mom is no longer around to see me follow my dreams, my dad is now one of my biggest supporters. 

Your book, The Warrior Prophet, is about angels. Who’s your favorite angel? In books? In TV? In movies?

On TV, I love Castiel from the show Supernatural. I think he’s incredibly complex and very funny and I just love the way he smites! I even love the word “smite”. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m also fond of Lucifer from the new TV series with the same name.

In books, I’m a huge Neil Gaiman fan, so I loved his Radio play Murder Mysteries, and Aziraphale from the book Good Omens. 

In movies, I really enjoyed Wim Wenders’ film, Wings of Desire, and the angels in that.

If you were to have your heroine, Mia Crawford over for dinner, what would you cook and why?

I don’t cook as much as I used to. My fiancé does the cooking. If it weren’t for him, I’d never have time to write! But if I were to cook, I’d probably make Mia a chicken curry of some sort, because she seems to eat chicken a lot. 

So you meditate. How does meditation help you with writing? How does it hinder it?

All my ideas come from meditation. Because I also have a day job as a technical writer, I need to clear my mind at the end of the day in order to let the ideas come forward. Meditation helps me to silence the inner critic that holds me back from writing and calm the stress of daily life that can get in the way of the creative process. I’d say the only way that meditation has ever hindered writing is that sometimes, after I’ve gone pretty deep, it takes me a little while to find words again. When I truly shut off the inner monologue and get to a place of being, I do get ideas or downloads of information. Sometimes, the information links together in unusual ways. 

After years of meditation, you start to think differently, for example, I know how to turn off my inner critic. It still springs up from time to time, but I know it for what it is. Because everyone has one, it can be difficult sometimes to create an authentic character voice without adding it back in. It adds an inner adversary to the character’s thoughts.

What was your favorite part to write in The Warrior Prophet and why?

I think I had more fun writing The Warrior Prophet than I have any other book. I believe it’s because I know the characters and their world so well. It was simply great to spend time with them again. Ironically, I think the most fun part to write about was Hell. It was really fun to come up with such a dark place where there are no limits to how bad things can get. It was also really fun to write interplay between Mia and her “guide”, because their interaction came naturally. I also really enjoyed writing some of the scenes from Mia and Michael’s past life together.

A Canadian-born author, Lisa Voisin spent her childhood daydreaming and making up stories, but it was her love of reading and writing in her teens that drew her to Young Adult fiction. 
Lisa is a technical writer, a meditation teacher, and the leader of the Lynn Valley Literary Society’s Young Writer’s Club, a writing group for teens. A self-proclaimed coffee lover, she can usually be found writing in a local café. When she's not writing, you'll find her meditating or hiking in the mountains.
Though she’s lived in several cities across Canada, she currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her fiancé and their two cats.
More about Lisa can be found on her web site:

March 22, 2016

Excerpt, Playlist, Author Interview & Giveaway! Secondhand Hearts by Yvonne Wilson

One shot and she was gone forever.
One moment.
One decision.
I was no longer living.
My past and my present were stolen.
My heart was broken that day.
But Secondhand Hearts can be mended.


It’s just a kiss. 

I recite her words silently, hoping to convince myself that they’re true because I jumped on the back of the point of no return. 

Her sweet tongue runs along the seam of my lips seeking entrance. Any resolve I held slips away as I draw in a needed breath. Her tongue seizes the opportunity and quickly finds mine, the tip exploring with deliberate strokes that increase in tempo. Excitement spreads from each of my taste buds like embers from a wildfire jumping onto dry brushwood. It sparks a burn to the deepest layer of my body. My brain tells me to shut this down before it goes too far. Her lips are on mine.

It’s just a kiss. 

My hands of their own volition move from the edge of my seat and find her shoulders, unsure whether to draw her in or push her away. She shivers under the grip of my fingers. Our mouths find a rhythm that isn’t desperate but intense, potent. I take my hands from her body and weave them through the silk threads of her hair. A moan escapes from her lips and I inhale as if I can breathe in the sound she makes—a keepsake for my memories. The smell of her, the taste of her, the feel of her intoxicates me and numbs any coherence I may have. 

It’s just a kiss. 

With controlled, purposeful movement she wedges herself further into the space between my legs. A perfect fit. Her palms splay against my bare chest as she raises herself up on her knees to bring us closer together and align our bodies. She trails her fingers along my skin, leaving a wake of goose bumps in their path. One of her gentle but fevered hands travels up to my jaw and the other down the side of my ribs to my waist just inside the band of my shorts. A tug on my lip before she dips her tongue further into my mouth lets me know she’s eager for more. 

It’s just a kiss.

Trapping me in her arms, the lace of her bra teases me through her top. She pushes into me more so that her breasts rub against my sensitive nipples. The heat between her thighs causes my hips to rock into hers. There isn’t a splinter of space between us, yet I want her closer. Lips, tongues and teeth collide, sucking and nipping to taste more. I want to sear her flavor onto my tongue and taste her every conscious moment. I accept her oral assault as my punishment. 

It’s just a kiss.

A sample of something this incredible can only be my sentence for failing Jaina. I can never fall for Tavyn.

Already fallen…

This is not just a kiss.

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Yvonne Wilson, author of Secondhand Hearts. 

-Hello, Yvonne. Welcome on Mikky’s World Of Books.

Thanks for having me. This is my very first author interview. I’m nervous as heck. *giggles*

-Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Well, I’m married and a mom of three (2 boys and a girl) and I’m an elementary teacher (I teach Kindergarten and learning services for Gr K-5). 

I’ve always been a book geek and there isn’t a single day I don’t read. When I take time out from reading, I love to watch crime dramas or action movies. There’s something about hot men saving the day. LOL 

I like to think I’m pretty laid back and generally I’m playing mom’s taxi. I live in the Pacific Northwest of Canada (Vancouver) so we kinda just go with the flow and whatever grabs us we’ll go and do. 

Oh! I will never, ever turn down dessert. Especially ice cream.

-How did you come up with the idea for Secondhand Hearts?

So, you know there is the line in SH when Jaina is screaming, “You did this!” I was on a family road trip and the boys were in the backseat arguing. One of them screams at the other, “You did this!” My mind started wandering and I wrote the first chapter on a napkin in the car. They rest I suppose is history.

-This is your debut novel. What, in your opinion, is the most difficult part of writing?

The most difficult? Everything LOL. Actually, the most difficult was my own perfectionism and criticism. Nothing I put to paper is ever good enough. It took me two years to put this book out where I was somewhat comfortable letting the book world criticize it. Let’s hope my next WIP doesn’t take so long.

-Who are your favorite authors?

Oh my. I don’t know if I truly have a favorite. I love to read so I find merit in any book. Even the ones that we don’t necessarily think are that great. If I have to choose, I would say A.Meredith Walters and L.B. Simmons—they write with such emotion and I always feel like I’m “in” their story, I can feel so much from their words. Recently though, I read Progress by Amalie Silver and I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the story.

-Was writing something you always wanted to do? 

Yes. I have always done a lot of poetry but in high school and college I was a Science and Math geek. I actually have a first year English prof tell me I should never ever write cuz I was horrible at it and didn’t know what a paragraph was—well that comment made me want to do it all the more, LOL

-What can you tell us about your next project?

I have two on the go. One is quite dark—along the lines that even those who are evil find love. And my other is just a genuine love story—where beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

-What’s your advice for all the aspiring authors out there?

Honestly, as cliché as it sounds, just write. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We all have a story to tell.

Yvonne Wilson is a teacher by day, working at the elementary level in the resource and learning assistance areas. Her writing is fit into any time possible between taking her three kids to their various sports and activities. She lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, and will often be found curled up with a good book or watching a crime drama. Yvonne has a love for running shoes even though she doesn’t run, but they sure make an outfit look super cute. She loves guacamole and will eat that by itself or on almost anything. Ice cream ranks pretty high too. 

March 18, 2016

Excerpt, Author Interview & Giveaway! Daughter of Magic by Teresa Roman

Lilli sees things no one else does.

Desperate to make sense of the dreams and visions that have plagued her since childhood, Lilli confides in Devin, her closest friend, and the boy she’s fallen for.

Instead of questioning her sanity, Devin confesses to secrets of his own, which are far darker. His revelations about magic, witches and demons stun Lilli. But it’s what he knows about Lilli’s mother, long believed to be dead, that leaves her feeling betrayed. Despite her anger, Lilli will have to learn to trust Devin again, because he is the only one who can protect her from a dark danger that’s coming for her from a world away.

The third round of knocking was accompanied by a voice. “Lilli, it’s me. I know you’re in there. Open the door, please,” Devin pleaded.

At the sound of his voice, my heart shattered into a million pieces. I rose from my chair and started for the door, my need for him intense. Halfway there, I stopped. I wanted to open the door and run into his arms, but I was afraid. For a minute I considered pretending I wasn’t home, but I knew that wouldn’t do any good. He could probably hear me from where he was. 

“Go away,” I shouted. It hurt to say those words, they were the last thing I ever wanted to tell him, but the look of agony on his face from earlier was etched into my mind. I refused to cause him pain like that again. 

“I’m not going anywhere.” His voice sounded as tortured as I felt, and I was afraid that it was me hurting him all over again. “I’ll stay out here all night and all day and the day after until you open this door and let me talk to you.”

“I don’t want to hurt you again,” I said, trying to be strong, not only for myself, but for him, too.

“The only thing that hurts is being away from you. Please, just let me in,” he pleaded. “You won’t hurt me. I can help you. I can teach you how to control your power.” 


“Lilli, please … I need you. I can’t breathe without you. I love you.” His voice cracked and I wondered if I’d heard him right, but then he said it again, and again, and again. 

Forgetting everything else, I ran to open the door and threw myself into his arms. Relief flooded through me as he wrapped his arms around me. I seriously doubted I’d ever be able to let go again.

Q. Why do you write? 

A. I love books. After being such a die-hard reader for so long my head became filled with all these ideas that I just needed to get out. I want people to smile when they finish reading my books, just as so many authors have made me do. 

Q. What is the inspiration for the story? 

A. I've always really liked the fantasy and paranormal genres. I just find stories about magic and supernatural creatures to be so much fun. There really are no boundaries when your story is a fantasy. The main character in Daughter of Magic is quiet, a loner. That was me at her age, and I constantly fantasized about my life being bigger than it was. Books gave me that escape, and that’s what I wanted to create with Daughter of Magic.

Q. Where can readers find out more about you? 

A. I have a website - You can also find out more about me on my Amazon author page, Facebook and Goodreads.

Teresa currently lives in beautiful Sacramento, CA with her husband, three adorable children and a dog named Parker that her son convinced them to adopt. When she's not at her day job or running around with her kids, you can find her in front of the computer writing, or with her head buried in another book. If you'd like to find out more about her, she can be found at www.teresaromanwrites.comwhere you can also sign up for her newsletter to receive exclusive book release information.

February 24, 2016

Author Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway! Trainwreck, Trainwreck #1 by Michele Micheal Rakes

Detective Sergeant Vincent Sweetwater hates dead bodies. That’s why he’s an undercover narc and not a homicide dick. So why is he standing on a sandy beach in California staring at a lifeless body—oh yeah, the suicide attempt. Lieutenant Hanson is making a statement. Something about life worth living. Shows what he knows.

As Vince examines the tortured body, he feels an empathy and déjà vu for the victim, her wounds are similar to scars he has only a vague memory receiving. An intense desire to find her killer fills his queasy belly as a dark game of cat and mouse begins. 

The young woman’s death forces Vince back into a secret life dominated by sex, perversion, and sadomasochism. Estranged from his wife he still loves and longing for the man who possessed him once, Vince buries his torment deep inside meaningless sex.

*Warning: This book contains adult content and situations. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH.

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Michele Micheal “Mikey” Rakes, author of Trainwreck the series.

Hi Mikey, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Like my character in Trainwreck, I ride a Harley, have a thing for big, tall, powerful men like my husband. And again like my character, Vincent Sweetwater, I have a thing for headstrong women, like my wife who recently lost her battle with cancer. The three of us rode all over the Pacific Northwest, but we never made it to our cross-country trip. This book is about a poly, a triad, and about the dark secrets that plague the main character, Vincent Sweetwater.

Vince is a narcotics cop with a sex addiction. A sex addiction that might kill him, but from disease. No, his sex addiction is violent. He’s so desperate to feel the things his dominant, Greg used to make him feel that he’ll go to a woman with no conscience and let her beat him without mercy. No safewords. Just pure mind fucks and pain.

Do you buy a book because of the cover, the blurb, or something else?

I’d be lying if I said covers don’t catch my eye, but ultimately what makes me buy the book is the blurb. If it has a premise that intrigues me, I’ll buy.

What does ‘romance’ mean to you?

I’m not a typical romance writer, so I’m not sure what it means to others, but for me it means struggle. Nothing comes easy for my characters, so as a reward for their trials and tribulations, I give them someone to love them along the way.

What are your current projects?

Right now, I’m working on polishing up the other four parts of Trainwreck for release, cover art, formatting, and the like. I’m also 80% done with the follow-up to Fourth and Long published by Loose Id. It’s called After Party and will be followed up by the last installment of the series, Maddox and Frank.

What is the most difficult part of writing for you?

Finding the time. I work twelve to fifteen hours a day at a tasking job. Sometimes I have a hard time pulling out the lap top at the end of the day.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.

I have gender issues. I’m addicted to sex. I’m ADHD. I have a dick in my pants. I’m not sure what would surprise people. I’m really not shocked by anything. I like whips and chains. My husband, on my request, got me a big chain for my birthday. He can chain me to the bed and its long enough to reach the bathroom and the refrigerator in the kitchen. I like to rattle my chains at him for fun. He just stands out of my reach and laughs. I love it!

The room fell silent and he turned back to the freezer. His hand hovered lovingly over the lid before he lifted it. “Hey, pretty. I know what to do with you now. You’re going to meet the son of an old friend.”

The girl had dead-fish eyes. Half-lidded, green once upon a time, they stared unseeing from a frost glittered corpse. Hair like sunburnt grass pricked her high cheekbones and full lips. He smoothed it back stiffly. The realization this would be the last time he felt her youthful body rushed through him like a phantom out of the dark. He was almost surprised at her lack of life.

On a shelf across the room was a black tarp, which he spread on the floor. With singular effort he struggled to get the partially frozen corpse from the freezer. She landed with a sick thud. The man apologized to her as though she were still living, stroking her stiff hair soothingly. He started to roll her in the black plastic, cocooning her in a final darkness, to be reborn from the chrysalis in the morning sunlight. Only then would Vincent Sweetwater come to know her and whom she represented.

Michele Micheal Rakes lives in a small town in the shadow of a big mountain and works as a surgical technologist assisting in the removal of tonsils and testicles. Three grown children, a one year old granddaughter named Thrasher, two psychotic Egyptian Mau’s, a husband with hair down to his knees, an Amazon for a wife, two Harley’s, and a ferret named Teeny Tiny Ferret Feet (husband insists her name Little Feet, we all know he’s wrong) life is gets pretty wild.
Note: Wife recently passed away from cancer and this book is dedicated in loving memory of Mary Louise Castleman. Love you babe!

February 19, 2016

Sale Blitz, Exclusive Excerpt, Author Interview & Giveaway: Finding Gabriel by Rachel L. Demeter

Colonel Gabriel de Laurent departed for the war intending to die. After a decade of bloodstained battlegrounds while fighting in Napoleon’s army, Gabriel returns to the streets of Paris a shattered and haunted soul. Plagued by inner demons, he swallows the barrel of his flintlock pistol and pulls the trigger. But fate has a different plan. Ariah Larochelle is a survivor. Orphaned at twelve and victim to a devastating crime, she has learned to keep her back to walls and to trust no one. But when she finds a gravely injured soldier washed up on the River Seine, she’s moved by compassion. In spite of her reservations, she rescues him from the icy water and brings him into her home. Now scarred inside and out, Gabriel discovers a kindred spirit in Ariah—and feelings he imagined lost forever reawaken as he observes her strength in the face of adversity. But when Ariah’s own lethal secrets unfold, their new love is threatened by ancient ghosts. Can Gabriel and Ariah find hope in the wreckage of their pasts—or will the cycle of history repeat again? Perfect for fans of Gaelen Foley’s Lord of Ice and Judith James’s Broken Wing, Finding Gabriel features all the dark romance, searing passion, and historical intrigue of The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables. 


Ariah stood beneath the immeasurable night sky as she admired the breathtaking view. She lost herself within the constellations, allowing those luxurious diamond strands to coil around her heart. Numberless stars reflected within the Seine’s glassy surface and set the water afire. Breathing deeply, Ariah reached out and folded her hands atop the stone balustrade. 

This is where she’d found him. Her heart picked up speed as memories of that fateful night invaded her mind and body. Down below, water lapped against the embankment and infused the atmosphere with a soothing lull. A flashback of Gabriel’s motionless form materialized within the shadows . . . and Ariah’s chest constricted as she relived his every kiss and touch. 

Then – 

A gentle pressure whispered against her back. Gabriel’s unique aroma filled her spirit while strong arms enfolded her from behind. Somehow, some way, she’d known he’d be here tonight. 

She sighed deeply and relaxed within his protective embrace. One hand lost itself in her curls and delicately sifted through the strands; the other applied subtle pressure to the base of her spine in a ghostlike caress. Breathless and at peace, she spiraled into a decadent trance. She drank in each sensation . . . the mesmerizing caress of his fingertips against her scalp, the wind’s crisp breath, the Seine’s haunting lamentations . . . 

Gabriel brushed away the swarm of curls, exposing her ear to the night, and breathed against the fine cartilage. This was the moment she’d feared for weeks – the moment of their parting. Then he sang to her – his voice rich, warm, and sultry, and all other thoughts fell away. 

“The gentle breath of winter sings, 

It cools my brow and furls my wings. 

And when the dusk at last descends, 

I shall keep my hope, steel my heart, for never will thy love depart. 

Now you are come all my grief is gone, 

Let us forget those nights that never dawned.” 

The rich cadence of his voice seduced her into calmness. Fighting to hold back tears, she rotated in his arms, never once leaving the security of his embrace. Indeed, she’d stay with him until the very end – and they wouldn’t part a moment sooner. She tilted her chin up and met his expressive gaze. The nearby oil lamp shone brightly behind Gabriel, silhouetting his strained features. She directed his body to the side, needing to see his eyes, directing the shadows from his face. 

“You remember.”Gabriel shook his head while a riot of emotions crossed his features. “I shall never forget.” 

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Rachel L. Demeter, author of Finding Gabriel. 

Rachel, welcome on Mikky’s World Of Books. 

-Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Thank you for having me on your lovely blog, Mikky! I live in beautiful Sunny California with Teddy, my goofy Polish lowland sheepdog, and my high school sweetheart of thirteen years. Richard and I began dating during our freshman year and have been together ever since – and he recently popped the big question! He’s truly my soul mate and greatest inspiration. I’m so grateful to have found him at such a young age! 

I graduated from Chapman University’s film school with a BA in Screenwriting. Even though I’m primarily a novelist, film school deepened my love for crafting fiction tenfold; it taught me to concentrate on plotting, dynamic characters, and effective pacing, as well as the importance of visual storytelling. I wouldn’t trade my college education for anything in the world! 

Aside from writing like a madwoman, my interests and pastimes include researching history (especially nineteenth century France and the Middle Ages), reading, singing, cooking, health and fitness, playing the violin, videogames (I’m truly a bit of a nerd at heart), philosophy, and animals. 

-What is your story, how did it all start? Was writing something you always wanted to do? 

Absolutely. Writing is my life’s blood, my passion, and my greatest obsession. It has always been and always will be. I’ve actually been a writer before I physically learned to write. As a child, one of my favorite pastimes was imagining stories and characters while my mom would record them for me, Now, at the age of twenty-seven, my passion for creating dynamic worlds is stronger than ever before. 

Honestly, I could be nothing else but a writer. 

-Do you have a favorite author or authors? 

Oh yes! I have countless favorite authors, and I love discovering new voices every day. To name a few: Gaelen Foley, Stephen King, Diana Gabaldon, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Lisa Kleypas, George R. R. Martin, Amy Harmon, J.K. Rowling . . . the list goes on and on. I definitely draw inspiration from these authors and am influenced by their ability to balance emotion, character, world building, and plot in a powerfully effective way. 

-Where did you get the inspiration for Finding Gabriel? 

My lifelong love for tortured heroes/heroines, dark romances, and nineteenth century France. And Finding Gabriel truly embodies my passion for all three. 

I had yearned to create a pair of imperfect, emotionally and physically scarred protagonists whose deep affection for each other could triumph over seemingly impossible odds. And Colonel Gabriel de Laurent is very much a haunted soul. His twisted past has hardened his heart and driven him to the brink of desperation. Ariah’s gentle nature and ability to persevere presents the ideal counterpoint to his darkness. Though, like Gabriel, she also suffers from a tragic past. 

Nineteenth century France has always been a great passion of mine. It was a time of conflict, political intrigue, art, clashing social norms, and romance. While England’s glittering ballrooms present an elaborate atmosphere, I personally feel these settings can become a bit stuffy and repetitive for readers. In my opinion, Paris lends itself to a darker, freer, more liberating and passionate environment. The characters aren’t as tied down by social norms, and the settings are more rustic and real. Also, I was raised on Paris-set musicals, such as Les Misérables and The Phantom of the Opera—and they continue to inspire my imagination and characters. 

Writing Finding Gabriel was a deeply personal experience and a true emotional rollercoaster. At times, the subject matter forced me into uncomfortable and often brutal territories–and the road to Gabriel and Ariah’s Happily Ever After is certainly paved with an abundance of loss, discovery, hope, and, of course, searing passion and relentless love. 

Every word emerged straight from my soul; I was connected to both Gabriel and Ariah on such a profound level . . . more than I ever imagined possible. When I typed “The End,” I broke into tears. They were no longer characters, but real people and beloved friends. 

I hope that Gabriel and Ariah's journey through darkness touches your heart as much as it did my own. 

-What is the most difficult part of writing to you? 

I’m going to cheat a list a few: 

~Sticking to a strict routine (for me, this is hitting a minimum word count each day), despite not “feeling it” or experiencing a lack of inspiration. Writers write, regardless of the blocks – and I’ve learned that you really can’t wait around for inspiration to hit. 

~Getting the word out about my books and finding unique ways to connect with readers. And yet, every time I’m able to interact with one of my readers, it’s a truly beautiful and rewarding moments. It makes all the tireless hours of outlining, writing, and beating against the infamous writer’s block worthwhile. <3 

~Negative reviews and feedback. I’m a very sensitive gal. And yes, I do skim negative reviews with caution (just to see if there’s any helpful criticism). Sensitive + Edgy Writing Style = not an ideal mix! 

-Who was your favorite character to write in Finding Gabriel? Why? 

Can I cheat again and say both the hero and heroine? Gabriel was an absolute thrill to write, since his characterization contains so much sexy darkness and transient light all wrapped up in one rugged package. 

But Ariah is also multilayered, and was fascinating to bring to life. Many facets of her character were inspired by my mom (who is my personal heroine). She’s the strongest, most loyal, compassionate, independent, and sincere person I know–and I worked hard to incorporate these traits into Ariah’s persona. Like Ariah, she always protects the ones she loves at all costs and is willing to sacrifice everything for her family and what she believes is right. 

-Any advice for all the aspiring authors out there? 

Write because you need to, because it’s your passion and calling. Forget money and fame – a true writer writes even if her stories would never be published. She writes because she can’t not write. 

Further down the road, teach yourself to regard writing as both a passion and a business endeavor. 

Always write what’s in your heart and nothing less. Don’t chase “the flavor of the month” – not only may it be gone next month, you’re writing won’t be as genuine. 

And in the words of the great Stephen King:“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There's no way around these two things that I'm aware of, no shortcut.” 

So read and write every day–and stay inspired (whether it be through Pinterest, a motivational writing calendar, finding new locations to write in, etc.). 

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

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Rachel L. Demeter lives in the beautiful hills of Anaheim, California with Teddy, her goofy lowland sheepdog, and her high school sweetheart of eleven years. She enjoys writing dark, poignant romances that challenge the reader’s emotions and explore the redeeming power of love. Imagining dynamic worlds and characters has been Rachel’s passion for longer than she can remember. Before learning how to read or write, she would dictate stories while her mother would record them for her. She holds a special affinity for the tortured hero and unconventional romances. Whether crafting the protagonist or antagonist, she ensures every character is given a soul. Rachel endeavors to defy conventions by blending elements of romance, suspense, and horror. Some themes her stories never stray too far from: forbidden romance, soul mates, the power of love to redeem, mend all wounds, and triumph over darkness. Her dream is to move readers and leave an emotional impact through her words.