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January 13, 2016

Excerpt & Review! Torn and Frayed, A Gabriel Church Tale #2 by Rodd Clark

“Conscience isn’t something all people are born with...”

Gabriel Church is a portrait in contrast. It would be easy to get lost in his pale-blue eyes, ache with the need to feel the strength of his masculine frame. He appears to be nothing but animal and instinct. The only people who know the full depth of that truth are dead, murdered, or two thousand miles away. 

Gabe is a serial killer. For the first time in his life, he has more on his mind than his own survival. This time he is running from Seattle to protect the only person he thinks innocent in his laundry list of crime and murder: Christian Maxwell, his biographer and unexpected lover. Drawn to a place he never thought to return, Gabe finds new and different realities. Realities that insist he let go of his tragic past, those incredible perceptions of God, and his own divinity. He must open his eyes to what the love of a good man can do to heal a broken soul. 

But when the killer is confronted by his own willingness to love and sacrifice, he is forced to ultimately ask the question: Just how far will he go to save a life . . . when all he’s ever done is take them? 

What people are saying about Rubble and the Wreckage – Book 1 in the Gabriel Church Tales . . .

Can you trust a serial killer that has no remorse? That bathes in manipulation? I am not going to tell you if Christian trusts, believes, or falls for any of it but I will tell you it’s a drug for those who crave a dark twist in their daily reads. It’s hot between these two. It’s also suspenseful and nerve wracking. Venture outside your comfort zone for this book. 

Diverse Reader 

I don’t give away spoilers, but I will say that this book pulls no punches, makes no apologies, and basically kicks ass and takes names! Grab it if you want a mind-bending, sexy read that will leave you wanting book two . . .! 

Bike Book Reviews 

A psychological thriller, this book was a page-turner from beginning to end. I highly recommend Rubble and Wreckage. 

Joyfully Jay Reviews 

This is a wonderful book for the person who likes stories that offer in depth character studies of flawed people. Both men are very complicated and probably equally fragmented except on opposite sides of the law. Rubble and the Wreckage is a sizzling read. Nothing is what it seems; nor is it so simplistic as a killer grooming a writer to be a patsy for murder like a predictable TV movie. 

Love Bytes Reviews 

Rodd is an amazing narrator and manages to weave a thrilling and intriguing tale of sex, lust, love, mystery and danger. 

Bayou Book Reviews

Cars weaved dangerously onto onramps as everyone was frantically trying to make it to offices, day jobs, or the nearest shopping malls. Everyone was out to make a living, but for him life was different. In the burbs, Gabe made a living with a towel and a pair of shorts. Stopping in at motel pools, appearing like any other guest out for a swim. His true intention was spying for purses sitting open by the women tanning themselves on chaise lounges.

Gabriel wasn’t vain, but he knew what catnip a strong physique could be for a lonely female traveler, and he knew how to work the tourist trade even better than the brown-skinned boys from the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. But it was more than loose change he’d be begging for. Motel pools were ideal because husbands rarely swam with their families, but mothers knew the importance of getting screaming children out of tiny motel rooms and into pools. It meant they could sit in quiet solitude, possibly reading and tanning their alabaster skins as urchins on sugar highs splashed and frolicked at their feet. 

It was the perfect savanna for hunting when you had a build like Gabriel’s. And if his target was a lone single woman, he often used his skills to get her to draw him to her room for sweaty sex between the sheets. Purses and pocket books were easy, and when they weren’t available, there were pool games for money and poker with betting. He considered his petty theft something few would miss, and his efforts enabled him to stay off the grid and under anyone’s radar. He’d never been arrested or ticketed for any of his minor crimes for cash because he was that good. A tempting smile went a long way for him, and he could be charming and self-effacing whenever he needed. Christian had chuckled and called him whore when he’d explained how he maintained his existence back in Washington. Remembering that incident brought a faint grin to his face, and he found pleasure that the writer hadn’t judged him harshly, as others might’ve. 

“You do what you have to if you want to survive, little buddy.” Church had offered over Christian’s raucous laughter. It had been one of the first times they’d discussed his manner of survival or money during one of their many frequent interviews in the Mayflower. He had to admit they’d been a little drunk by then after Maxwell had purchased a bottle of premium bourbon and carried it back to their suite as entertainment and distraction. They were inebriated more often than he cared to admit, but it was a necessary evil when Christian was asking him to reveal his deepest, darkest secrets. The only way he could get to the impervious truth was by laced libation and longing looks of sympathy and interest. One of Gabe’s fondest memories came from them sitting on the sofa in the spacious suite at the Mayflower in their underwear, close enough that their knees were touching. They were already high on bourbon and colas, and they laughed and joked well into the night. It was something Gabriel had never experienced before, as unfathomable as that might have sounded. 


Torn and Frayed- the perfect title for this novel because that is how you’ll feel when you’re done with it. 

This has turned out to be one very interesting series. 

Let’s do a little recap. 

Gabriel Church is a serial killer. 

He’s merciless, ruthless and highly intelligent. He never stays too long in one place and he doesn’t let anyone near. 

That, until he meets Christian Maxwell, the writer who wants to hear his story. 

But, surprisingly, Gabriel is not as cold as he appears. At least not when it comes to Chris. 

Soon, what should have been just an interview turns into a relationship that neither of them was prepared for. 

Now, Gabriel is on the run again, leaving behind his lover and the comfort he felt at his side. 

In Rubble and the Wreckage we saw Gabriel through Christian’s eyes and through the story Gabe himself is telling. 

It’s a different perspective in Torn and Frayed. There’s only Gabriel, alone and trying to stay under the radar while getting as far as possible from the man who made him feel so much, too much, and deviate from his strict rules. 

Now, his priorities have changed. 

It was interesting to see Gabriel the man and not just the serial killer. 

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still who he is but more … normal. 

His decisions revolve around what’s best not only for him but for a man who, for a short period of time, has given him peace. 

And I’m going to stop here because I don’t want to spoil the book for you. 

There’s so much going on and there are some new characters who join the game. 

Torn and Frayed was definitely better than Rubble and the Wreckage and it was a lot more easy to keep up with the story, but that might be due to the fact that there’s no dual POV. It’s mostly Gabriel.  

It hasn’t been easy rating this novel, either because it’s not just the usual love story. 

The complexity of this story makes it difficult to be objective. 

All you can do is just read and not try to decide if what’s happening it’s right or wrong. Don’t try to judge based on what you think it’s the right decision or the right course of action. It’ll never work. 

Happy Reading! 

Rodd lives in Dallas, TX at the moment but hails from the sticks of Oklahoma. Check out his web presence at RODDCLARK.COM. Interested in the M/M Mystery, Romance and Thriller genres but has a varied interest in many books. It has been written that his writing has a very dark and distinctive voice with a need for deep exploration and analysis. “Torn and Frayed” is the sequel to his popular romantic thriller, "Rubble and the Wreckage." The third chapter of the series should be released later in the year and give readers a chance to see how their wicked story is resolved.

December 18, 2015

Author Interview, Review & Giveaway! Haven's Creed by Parker Williams

An act of violence destroys his family and ends the life he knows. To escape his haunted past, he joins the military, where, as a sniper, he is trained to kill with precision and detachment. When a covert organization offers him a new purpose, he becomes Haven, an operative devoted to protecting the innocent when he can and avenging them when he cannot.

After ten years of battling the evil in the world, the life no longer holds the attraction or meaning it once had, and he’s ready to walk away. Then he meets Samuel, a young man forced from the age of twelve to work as a sex slave. If ever a man had a need for Haven, it is this one. 

Yet nothing about this growing relationship is one-sided. Sammy gives Haven a stability he’s never known, and Haven becomes the rock upon which Sammy knows he can depend. 

When Sammy reveals something about the enemy Haven has been hunting for months, Sammy fears it will destroy what they’ve built and he’ll lose his home in Haven’s heart.

Today I’m very grateful to be visiting Mikky’s World of Books! 

Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

My name is Parker Williams (or Will Parkinson if you prefer). I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband, our four dogs, and three cats.

Haven’s Creed is a huge departure from anything I’ve ever done in the past. Haven is not a nice man. He’s an assassin whose job it is to protect the innocent when he can, and avenge them when he can’t.

What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about your writing?

The first time? That it didn’t suck!

Honestly, though…a man named Michael Thompson wrote to me to tell me how much Pitch, the story of Taylor and Jackson, meant to him. How it reminded him of his life. His letter was so poignant, it made me cry. (Though I will deny that part if anyone asks me.)

Are you a full-time or part-time writer? How does that impact your writing?

I’m a part-time writer. I also run Pride Promotions, a tour service that promotes other authors. I’d really like to be a full-time writer, and have about twenty stories in various stages of completion. Want an example? ☺

This is from a story called ‘Of Love and Corndogs’

Darwin sat at his usual table and scanned the restaurant, anxious to see Roy, his favorite server. He frowned when the young man who approached the table looked nothing like the raven haired beauty that Darwin had grown accustomed to seeing twice a week for the last six months. He tried to school his features, not wanting to hurt the feelings of the slender blond with the wide smile who drew near.

"Good evening, Mr. Kincade. My name is Richard and I'll be your server for this evening. Would you like to start with a drink?"

"Where's Roy?" Darwin growled. His cheeks heated when Richard stepped back, looking every bit the kicked puppy. Darwin winced. He knew better than to snap at people. He scratched his cheek before he glanced up. ”I’m sorry. It's been a long day. Please forgive me. I assume Roy isn't working tonight?"

"Roy quit a couple days ago,” came the hesitant answer.

Darwin's gut clenched. He'd been coming to Asiago simply to see Roy. The truth of the matter was the food was merely palatable. Seeing Roy had become the highlight of his week, and now he was gone. "Did he say where he was going?" Darwin knew a hint of whine escaped, but goddamn it, he'd been in lust with Roy.

"He and his wife moved to be closer to her parents."

Nausea rolled through Darwin. He hadn't even considered Roy might not have been gay. Such a fool he was.

"Would you like that drink?" Richard asked.

"Yes, please. A shot of Johnny Walker Blue, neat."

Richard gasped and then covered his mouth. "Sir, that costs--"

"I damn well know the cost. Bring me my drink."

Again, Darwin's anger had gotten the better of him. The stress of the day, coupled with his disappointment with Roy being gone had left him on shaky ground. Blue eyes shimmered in the dim lighting, and Darwin worried the young man might break into tears. "Again, please accept my apologies. I should probably go." He reached over and grabbed his briefcase, ready to stand up, when Richard held out a hand and graced Darwin with a genuine and disarming smile.

"No, please. Stay. Let me get you that drink, okay? I'll let you know the dinner special when I come back. My grandma always said any day can be made better with a good meal.”

Without waiting, Richard hurried off in the direction of the bar. Darwin fumed. Not only had he made a fool of himself tonight, but he'd also hurt the feelings of someone he didn't know. Though Richard would be right to refuse to service Darwin, he ran to get a drink. As much as he wanted to believe it the attentive attitude came down to getting a decent tip, Richard seemed to be too earnest for that. Darwin sighed and put his briefcase back on the leather seat. His mother would be so disappointed in him.

The crystal glass thunked against the table and startled Darwin when Richard set it down. The amber liquid rippled gently. Darwin picked it up and gazed into the glass. He'd thought about downing it in one go, relishing the burn that would inevitably follow, but he hated to lose control. He took a deep, steadying breath



"Excuse me?"

"Most people call me Ricky. You can, if you want."

Darwin smiled at him. "Ricky then. I'm very sorry. I'm out of sorts, and it's not fair to you that I'm being so...."


Darwin pulled back and looked at the young man, who was now giving him a cheeky grin. "Okay, we'll go with that."

"I'm sorry I'm not Roy. I'd only met him when I got hired here. He was a great waiter, and I doubt I can fill his shoes. If you prefer, I'll find you someone else."

Darwin grinned. This Ricky definitely hadn’t been at all like he expected. Roy had been standoffish, a little cold, but very professional. Ricky? A breath of fresh air. He had a style all his own. "No, I think you'll do just fine. Tell me about the dinner special."

"Tonight we have a truffle braised tenderloin served with whipped Dauphenaise potatoes and honey glazed carrots."

"And what did you think of it?"

"Excuse me?"

Darwin tapped his index finger on the table. “I assume you tried it, so what did you think?"

Ricky bit the corner of one lip, then glanced around, before he leaned forward and whispered, "Honestly? I thought it was pretentious. Give me a corndog any day."

Darwin burst out laughing, which drew unhappy stares from the tables nearby. It wasn't as if he cared. "What's a corndog?"

Ricky blinked a couple of times. "You don't know what a corndog is? Seriously?"

"Well.... no. I don't know that I've ever had one. Do you think they can make me one here?"

Ricky snorted. "Chef Michael thinks that corndogs aren't even real food. He claims he wouldn't feed them to his Pekinese. So, no, you definitely won't find them here."

Darwin glanced up at Ricky. A nice, easy smile. Loose limbed. He had none of the trappings of a Asiago waiter. "Then can you tell me where to find a good corndog?"

"The best ones in town are at the mini-putt course over on Klein."


Ricky cocked his head. “You're kidding, right? How do you not know these things?"

Darwin sat back and grinned. Ricky had no idea who he was, and he found it oddly refreshing. He leaned forward and put his chin on the palm of his hand. "I lead a sheltered life, apparently. So if I want a corndog, I need to go to the mini-putt place. Okay, I'll do that."

He stood up and began to move toward the door when the owner rushed to his table. She scowled at Ricky, which didn't set well with Darwin at all. "Mr. Kincaid, is something wrong?"

"No, everything is perfect. I like this young man," he said, waving a hand toward Ricky. "He's refreshing."

The condescending look Louisa gave Ricky told him she didn't agree. "If he's done anything to upset you—“

"Wait. Why would you think he upset me? If anything, I was the responsible party. Ricky did nothing wrong at all. He talked me into a nice drink, and that's all I needed for tonight.” He turned to Ricky. “I’ll stop at the bar to pay for the drink. Thank you for a most entertaining meal.”

He reached into his wallet and peeled off two one-hundred dollar bills, which he tossed on the table, then started for the door again. He turned and saw Louisa's body language. She was tense, her gaze fixed on Ricky, who bit the corner of his lip. Darwin found that didn’t set well with him at all. He called out, "I'm coming back Monday. Can you please reserve me a table and note that I want Ricky as my server?"

If she'd had a mouthful of water, she'd have spit it everywhere. "You want...him?"

"Yes. Is there a problem with that?"

She moved forward and put a hand on his back as she guided him to the door. Darwin forced himself to remain calm. He didn’t like being touched by people without his permission, and this woman had already gotten his dander up. "Well," she said slowly. "Ricky is on probation. He hasn't exactly been working out. He's slow, and has been argumentative with customers."

"Yet he was perfect with me. Perhaps it was the customers and not the server. Maybe you should consider that. I expect him to be here Monday. If he’s not…”

Darwin left the threat unvoiced. Louisa knew who he was and what he could do if he wanted. He left the woman standing there, huffing like a wild beast, as he stepped out of the restaurant into the cool Chicago night. He gazed wistfully back at the front of the restaurant while he called his driver. Roy was gone, but...Ricky seemed as though he'd be very interesting, too."

"That was fast, Dare."

Darwin grinned at his oldest friend. "They didn't have what I wanted for dinner tonight. The new waiter suggested something, and I find I really want to try it."

Henley's puzzled expression delighted Darwin. He'd been friends with Henley since they were kids, and he rarely frazzled the man. He wondered what the man would say when he told them where they were going. Henley opened the door to the limousine, then closed it after Darwin slid in. He returned to the driver's side and started the car.

"Okay, where to?"

"We're going to the mini-putt course on Klein for a corndog."

At that moment, Darwin wished he had his phone out to take a picture. He'd frame it and hang it in the house so everyone could see Henley looking at though his jaw had unhinged and was now resting atop his polished shoes.

Yes, Ricky could be an inspiration to me.

What interested you about the theme of this book?

Confession time: Haven’s Creed was written as a pressure release valve. I used to work with a woman who drove me insane. She was, without a doubt, one of the worst people I’d ever had the ‘pleasure’ of dealing with. She had always been great with the guests, but with the other staff? Awful. Rude. Condescending. And the biggest problem would be the fact she ran hot and cold. One minute she’d be cheery and happy, the next she would like rip your face off if she could.

I took to writing to deal with her, and from those plots of evisceration came Haven’s book.

What is the most difficult part of writing for you?

Editing. In fact, I call them ‘Dread-its’, because I just hated doing them. I realize it makes for a better book, but I just don’t wanna. (Yes, there’s a whine in there.)

Name your four most important food groups.

As a vegan I’m going with Joey’s Fabulous Tofu Steak, any Gardein product, Daiya cheese, and lots of water.

Mr. Williams, I wasn’t aware you had a dark side. Interesting. 

It’s been a while since I’ve read something dark and Haven’s Creed was the perfect story to make up for the lost time.

Parker managed to pull off beautifully a genre totally (as far as I’m aware) new to him.

The story is full of suspense, action, mystery and situations that will chill the blood in your veins.

In other words- perfect.

Haven is not exactly a hero but he’s not a villain either. Depends on how you look at things. He goes where he’s sent, does his job and returns to a solitary existence time and time again.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Until the day when everything starts to change.

Enter Sammy, a very interesting character. 

Let’s talk a little bit about his and Haven’s relationship because I have a feeling that it will be the cause of many mixed feelings.

I’ll be honest and admit that, what they have, it’s not completely healthy BUT, it’s perfect for them. Here’s why.

First of all, Sammy’s desire to be in control is completely understandable. After so many years of utter slavery, having, finally, an opportunity to be the master of his own destiny brought to the surface that part of him that has never lost hope and that no one has managed to break.

Every minute he spent outside the house of horrors and every nice word he’s received has been exactly what kept him from giving up and what his wounded soul needed to keep hoping that, someday, someone will come and set him free.

Then, there’s the hate he feels for the one who was supposed to love him unconditionally but, instead, chose to discard him like a useless rag.

He might not express it all the time, but it’s there and hate can be a powerful thing, strong enough to take over every other rational thought.

Like I said before, his attachment to Haven is not exactly healthy, but they’re not normal people either.

The rules don’t apply when it comes to them.

Sammy is everything Haven needs to escape the harsh reality of his life even for a few hours and, in exchange, Sammy draws his strength and confidence from from the knowledge that he’ll always be safe as long as he’s standing by his lover’s side. 

They need each other to heal and to be normal, or, at least, as normal they can possibly be.

If you go in hoping this will be a hearts and flowers kind of romance, let me tell you now that this definitely ain’t the book for you.

It’s dark, it’s violent and it will mess you up.

Haven’s Creed is the story of a man who’s been turned into a soulless killing machine and whose acts of violence will leave you breathless, while the other man’s story will break your heart over and over again. 

You will either love them or hate them, there’s no way in between.

My advice to you is to try and keep an open mind while reading this book. Before jumping on the “this is crap” wagon, keep in mind that there’s nothing normal when it comes to either Haven or Samuel. 

You can’t judge based on what YOU would do or what YOU think is right.

And, who knows, they might still surprise you in the end. 

Another add to my “Favorites” list. MWOB highly recommends it.

Happy Reading!!

Parker Williams believes that true love exists, but it always comes with a price. No happily ever after can ever be had without work, sweat, and tears that come with melding lives together. 
Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Parker held his job for nearly 28 years before he decided to retire and try new things. He enjoys his new life as a stay-at-home author and also working on Pride-Promotions, an LGBT author promotion service.

September 2, 2015

Spotlight, Review & Excerpt! Rubble and the Wreckage, A Gabriel Church Tale #1 by Rodd Clark

Gabriel Church knows you can’t take a life without first understanding just how feeble life is, how tentative and weak it stands alone. If you desire murder, you hold a life in your hand. Whether you release it to grant life or grip tighter to end it, it is at your command and discretion.

Gabriel is a serial killer with a story he wants told.

Christian Maxwell studied abnormal psychology in college but chose instead to focus on a career in writing. His background comes in handy when he thinks of writing about a serial killer. He can’t think of anyone more qualified to write the story of Gabriel Lee Church, and do so in the murderer’s own words. It’s been done before, but never with a killer who has yet to be captured or convicted.

There was never anything more than a gentleman’s understanding between the two men that Christian would record Gabriel’s life story. The killer did not ask for his complicity in any crimes, nor did he ever ask for his silence. Christian’s interest in the man, though, is fast becoming something more than academic. When the writer and his subject become unexpected friends and then lovers, the question remains: What is Gabriel’s endgame . . . and why does he want his story told?

“Tell me your story.” Christian Maxwell began, wetting his lips and
leaning in. He stared at the killer across the table and rested his forearms
on the notepad before him. His look was imploring, he was begging for good
and gory details. Gabe stared at him glassy eyed and with anticipation. He
was all but squinting with excitement, of all that was to follow. He had a
somewhat wanting expression on his face. Gabe had seen that look many times

“Better the devil you barely know.” Gabe thought. “If someone else’s
gonna be making money off my story it might as well be this guy.”

He remembered the first time the thought of telling his story had first sprung
to mind. The memories of it much like this, detached, more after-thought than
close consideration.

“Ever been out to the Florida Keys?” Gabe asked.

When he only received a nod from Maxwell to his question he continued
absently, “For me it was like driving to the keys, a few miles over the
speed limit on that old Highway One…you know, the one they called Highway
out to Sea…under fleecy clouds with that fresh coastal winds slapping you in
your face, under a vast, unending blue on blue…it is rather freeing.” His
hands wrapped around the old dusty cover of the book he was holding, more as
an effect than something to read.

Christian listened to him speaking with that far-away gaze in his eyes,
knowing he was already back there in his mind. He pretended to jot notes down
but concentrated more on that distant expression on Church’s face. Sitting
so close to him, he could almost feel the wind slapping his hair, the sun
beating down as he rode in the passenger seat of Church’s mental trip along
Highway One. He knew it was going to be a good book when he finished it. He
didn’t want to interrupt the narrator but he couldn’t resist,“But it
didn’t begin in Florida did it? I just presumed it happened elsewhere.”

The killer’s posture changed as he replied. He sat up straight in the chair,
his eyes narrowed, “If you think you know where it started then why are we
sitting around hashing old news?” The killer’s voice was cold. Dampness
built under Christian’s armpits.
“Because no one has ever asked you for your side of it, usually a serial
murderer doesn’t get a chance to explain why he kills.

But I…” pointing to his own chest, “…I want to give you that

“Well that’s mighty big of you.” Gabe leaned back in his chair and
smiled a grin that could cut through glass, his mocking words and expressive
eyes said it all: this might just prove to be an interesting way to spend his
free time. He rubbed his rough forefinger across the lip of the wine glass as
a carnal abstraction as he watched Maxwell jot his notes, even though they
hadn’t even begun his tale.

“Shouldn’t you wait till I start to speak before you scribble down all
those pretty words?”

Christian looked up and smiled sheepishly, “…just mood stuff. You’ll
have to get used to that…meaning my process, early on.” He put his pen
down and folded his hands neatly to hide his notes. “I’m a little
fastidious or obsessive at times.”

“No worries”, he said nodding, “The same has been said of me.”
That bent smile of a killer reappeared and twisted Church’s face into a
mocking evil caricature, sending a shiver down Christian’s spine. He smiled
back and returned a look that seemed to place them on equal understanding.
‘This was going to be tough’, he thought, ‘but worth it.’ Christian
picked up his pen and sent an imploring gaze at his subject of study.

Gabe recognized the untidy anticipation, and reluctantly continued.
“Actually it began in Texas…but we need to go back to where the...umm,
desires, I guess is the word…first came into clear focus don’t we? I mean
you want the full picture don’t you?”
When the man didn’t offer a conciliatory gesture, Gabe continued.
“Before Florida, before Seattle I had been somewhere else… it was a better
place for me, because it still held some type of promise, nothing had been
carved into stone…if you’ll pardon the pun.” Church’s head lolled back
as if he was about to break into a hearty laugh.
He was a dangerous sick man Christian could see that. His reference to the
markers of his varied victims, as his nonchalant manner in describing his
affinity to murder was unsettling, even for someone as akin to pathology as
Christian Maxwell.

In college, his dark sense of humor and an uncomfortably quiet nature was
off-putting to most. His so-called friends would jokingly offer that it was
going to be Christian who would be famous, but more for the salvo of bullets
which hit other students from his safe vantage in some random clock tower or
rooftop. The look on Maxwell’s face as he sat across from Gabe was pensive
as if he was about to interrupt again but questioned the insolence. The
killer had nothing but time, but he didn’t like breaking his train of
thought so early.

My Thoughts

I don't know if I should call this a review because it's not exactly that. 

Rubble and the Wreckage is a very interesting book. You already know from the synopsis that this is the story of a serial killer, so I'll skip that part.

Let me tell you a little bit about the characters. Gabriel is a complex and, dare I say, fascinating man. 

When we say "serial killer", we automatically assume the guy must be some nut job who went on a killing spree. 

Well, Gabriel is different. His psyche is an interesting place to explore.

While he didn't actually receive a very good education, he is an extremely intelligent person. He's also very skilled at staying under the radar and reading people. In his case, very useful traits. 

He doesn't exactly have a pattern when it comes to killing. When it happens, he just goes with it and that's that. 

His agreement to the interview might not make sense but, while he is an expert when it comes to reading people, he himself is very hard to understand. His reasons aren't always logical or obvious. 

Enter Christian. 

This guy is another story altogether. His fascination with Gabriel is completely unhealthy, no questions there. 

I'm not exactly sure if the interview was the only reason he wanted to get close to the man. 

There' s something about him that's not exactly ... right. 

I can't give you details without also giving spoilers and I don't want to ruin the book for those who haven't read it yet. 

The writing style is really good. You'll be captivated by this .. unusual but very, very fascinating novel. 

Keep in mind that this is no romance. If you think you can handle reading in detail about a man committing murder after murder, go for it. If not, this is not the book for you. 

You'll be shocked, stunned but it'll be a very interesting journey. 

I cannot wait to read the next volume. I'm dying to know how the story ends. 

Happy Reading!!

Rodd lives in Dallas, TX at the moment but hails from the sticks of Oklahoma. Check out his web presence at RODDCLARK.COM. Interested in the M/M Mystery, Romance and Thriller genres but has a varied interest in many good books. His books have a darkly distinctive voice and deep characterizations. His latest work is the Erotic Romance Thriller "Rubble and the Wreckage" and is currently working on the sequel which he hopes to have released in 2015.

June 19, 2015

Book Blitz - Excerpt & Giveaway! Punished, Dark Road Series #2 by Krys Fenner

Hope springs eternal for everyone except Bella Kynaston. She survived the rape, but making it through the trial is another deal all together. As lies come forward, more questions arise leaving Bella to suffer more punishment than she believed she deserved. Sometimes ending it all seems like the only answer. Will she find the peace she so desperately seeks if the pain permanently ended?

Jeremiah believed he’d done the right thing, even if the timing hadn’t been ideal. The only way to protect Bella was if he stayed out of her life. Or so he thought. When Bella starts dating David, Jeremiah thinks David could save her. As it turns out, things progressively get worse. Could Jeremiah be the solution? If so, can he get to her in time? Or will he suffer the worst punishment of his life and lose her forever?

David rolled over and his arm landed against the mattress. He patted around beside himself and opened his eyes. Where was Bella? Hadn’t she fallen asleep next to him? He switched the light on and climbed out of bed. The door to his bedroom hadn’t been fully shut when they laid down. He strode across the room, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and paused in the doorway. Soft sounds of the piano echoed in the foyer below. 

She must’ve woken up and wandered around the house. With a small sigh, he followed the musical notes. The piano had been moved to the library a few weeks back on the other side of the house. His sister got tired of hearing him play; something he’d done more of since the festival. 

“♫ I told you everything; Opened up and let you in; You made me feel alright for once in my life♫”

Bella had an exquisite voice. She was the most melodic creature he’d ever met. David stopped halfway to the library and merely listened to her sing.

“♫Now all that’s left of me; Is what I pretend to be; So together but so broken up inside♫”

Unusual song choice. He’d never heard this particular song alone with the piano. It was eerily beautiful and haunted him at the same time. Of all the songs she could’ve sung, why that particular choice? David frowned and focused on the words as he stepped into the library doorway.

“♫‘Cause I can’t breathe; No, I can’t sleep; I’m barely hanging on♫”

“Bella?” He hadn’t meant to interrupt, but the words bothered him.

She yanked her hands off the piano and jumped slightly. “David. You scared me.”

“I didn’t know you played.” He chickened out and instead of asking her about the song he said the first thing that came to mind. At least it worked as a conversation starter.

“Um, yeah. Took lessons as a child. It was kind of what made me fall in love with singing.”

David walked over and sat on the bench beside her. “I love hearing you sing. I hadn’t meant for you to stop.”

“No, it’s okay. I was just messing around. Couldn’t really sleep.”

“I feel like that’s my fault.”

“What? Why would you think that?” Bella’s eyebrows raised with curiosity.

“Because I let us go to bed upset with one another. I should’ve just listened to you.”

“I get it. You don’t trust him. Just wished you trusted me.”

Where the hell had she gotten the idea he found her untrustworthy? David gripped the back of his neck. He was an idiot. By staking a claim with a kiss the way he had, he’d acted like he had no trust in her. Of course, he trusted her. More than anyone else he knew. Bella had been the only person who’d ever been honest with him. She’d always been truthful to him. “I’m sorry. I’ve acted like a jerk. Can you ever forgive me?”

“Only if you can forgive me. Jeremiah’s part of my past and I haven’t exactly been forthcoming about how our relationship ended. I should’ve told you.”

“I don’t need to know the details. I flipped out because we haven’t labeled our relationship. It doesn’t matter if he looked or not. And you’re right, I should apologize to him. I can take the higher road.” David smiled and tucked some of her hair behind her ear.

“You mean that?”

“I do.”

Bella leaned up and pressed a tender kiss to his lips. “Thank you.”

“Anything for you. Now, what do you say we play one more song on this thing?”

“I’d like that.”

After the dire song she’d sang, they needed something with more hope. David smiled and lightly stroked the piano keys. “♫Walk blindly to the light and reach out for his hand; Don’t ask any questions and don’t try to understand; Open up your mind and then open up your heart; And you will see that you and me aren’t very far apart; ‘Cause I believe that love is the answer; I believe that love will find the way♫”

At the age of 16, Krys Fenner fell in love with Psychology and Creative Writing. At that time she wrote her first short story dealing with sexual abuse and forgiveness. Psychological issues in her family filled her with the desire to help others using her own experiences. So in 2004, she earned an Associate of Arts in Psychology. And while her sister is the one with dreams of becoming a Psychologist, Krys Fenner returned to Creative Writing. She is currently working on a Bachelor of Arts and plans to continue on to a Masters degree, where she can major in her first love (Creative Writing) and minor in her second (Psychology).

April 15, 2015

Mikky's Reviews! The Contradiction of Solitude by A. Meredith Walters

You may notice me, but you will never know me.

I prefer it that way.

I am the daughter of a monster.

Born from blood and lies.

Dead before I have truly lived.

But Elian tells me that I'm different. 

He tells me that I'm beautiful.

That I'm an enigma wrapped in irresistibly complicated skin.

Elian says that he loves me.
These words terrify me.
I can't trust love.
Or hope.
Or truth.
Because I fear the beast inside.
It threatens to drown Elian and his sweet, unconditional love.
It's a beast that will destroy everything.

*This is a psychological thriller and very different than my previous books*

"The truth is the ugly side no one wants to see."

I have absolutely no idea where or how to begin. I think it’s the first time I found myself unable to find the words to described the book I’ve just read.

Meredith Walters is one of my favorite authors and I’ll always say yes to her novels. She has yet to disappoint me and I’ve read all of her books bar one.

The Contradiction of Solitude was a complete surprise, though. It is so different from what she has written before.

Her inclination for dark stories is well known but this one blew me away. 

First of all, I’ll give you a warning. This is a psychological thriller and not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a fairytale or a HEA, you’re way out of your league with this one. 

This book will mess you up and you won’t be able to disconnect long after you’re done with it. You’ll either hate it or love it. There’s no way in between.

The characters are very complex and hard to understand. Victims of their pasts, connected by a gruesome secret, Lay and Elian’s relationship is toxic and threatens to destroy the last remaining shreds of their soul.

Everything is a lie and everything is truth. Nothing is what it seems and the game is not over yet. Far from it. New players, new rules, new stories to be written, new stars to be set free.

Caught is a web of deception, Elian seeks absolution from a mistake he didn’t really made. 

Layna is running from her past, running far and fast but the monsters are already there. The darkness is part of her soul and has always been. She craves it and she craves the joy only pain can give her.

They’re completely wrong for each other but there’s something more that will always pull them together.

I know this review doesn’t make sense. You will have to read it yourself and find out what Layna and Elian’s story is. I highly recommend it.

I stand in awe, Meredith. With this book you managed to throw me into a bottomless pit of despair and sadness from which I’m trying to crawl my way out while keeping a strong hold on my sanity because I can’t help but wonder how much truth is behind your words. All the stories we hear, all the things we see… How many Laynas and Elians are out there? How well do we really know someone? How many stories are left untold and how many mysteries unsolved? How many stars have a name?

You never cease to amaze me. Never stop writing.

Happy Reading!!

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary and Paranormal romance including The Find You in the Dark and Bad Rep series as well Reclaiming the Sand, and the Twisted Love series (Lead Me Not out in 2014 and Follow Me Back coming in 2015) from Gallery Books.
A. Meredith spent ten years as a counselor for at risk teens and children. First working at a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault program and then later a program for children with severe emotional and mental health issues. Her former clients and their stories continue to influence every aspect of her writing.
When not writing (or being tortured with all manner of beauty products at the hand of her very imaginative and extremely girly daughter), she is eating chocolate, watching reality television that could rot your brain and reading a smutty novel or two.
A. Meredith is represented by Michelle Johnson with the Inklings Literary Agency.

March 26, 2015

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway! Sociopath: Legacy by Lime Craven

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Genre: dark romance/psychological thriller

Reach for the scars... Remember me? Aeron Lore: happy and humble. A people person. All around nice guy. Even I can't say that with a straight face. But seriously, things are going great. Leo's behaving herself; I'm enjoying making sure she behaves. We're a great team. SilentWitn3ss, our live-streaming news project, has launched to my favorite things ever: controversy and profit. So when the FBI comes to me and wants to use SilentWitn3ss footage to trace a serial killer named Blood Honey, I'm only too happy to be superior—I mean, to help. And if Leo thinks the brutal Blood Honey and I have a few things in common, I guess that's to be expected, given my rather unique preferences in the bedroom. My...condition. But I'm not like him. I can't stand that she would even think it. If his actions threaten my relationship with Leo, I'll hunt that fucker down myself. If he gets too close for comfort, I will make him bleed—and trust me, he's closer than I ever anticipated. There's a food chain, grasshoppers. The buck doesn't stop with him. It stops with me. Blood Honey is a nasty son of a bitch, but I can be a lot worse. Question I want to be?

I like dysfunction. Broken people who can't fix each other, but fit together because they're missing the same pieces. One of my favourite songs declares, "take the sinner down to feed desire," and that's my MO. I write dirty psychological thrillers with strong elements of dark romance.
I love antiheroes. Female characters who don't just accept their faults, but downright exploit them. No nice boys. No shame. Mindfuckery for all.