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July 2, 2015

Series Spotlight! Daughter of Light Trilogy by Heidi Garrett

Long before the half-faerie Melia was born in the mortal world, the god Vulcan married Isolt of the Waters. When she betrayed him, the seeds of a great war were planted in the Void.

In Idonne, a young scholar studies Isolt’s story, along with tales of dwarf magic and the birth of a malevolent entity in the Void, Umbra. The stories awaken his dream of a life filled with adventure and heroism.

The Daughter of Light trilogy... Coming of Age and Coming into Power

As a half-faerie, Melia is an outcast in the enchanted world where she lives with her two sisters and full-blood faerie mother. Their father has been exiled to the mortal world for breaking his faerie troth. He's determined to return to the Realm of Faerie by harnessing the power of Umbra--an accumulation of psychic ash which dwells in the Void.

Melia becomes entangled in her father's obsession by way of their telepathic connection. Uncertain about her own nature--is she evil or has she been tainted by her father's contact with Umbra?--the half-faerie seeks aid from the Illustrator. The mysterious woman marks Melia's forehead with a strange emblem meant to draw the help of a green-eyed stranger from distant lands.

Before the young priest--an authority on Umbra--arrives, a tragic accident destroys what's left of the half-faerie's fractured family. Melia's mother is unforgiving. The punishment she metes out will leave her middle daughter torn between guilt and ecstasy, challenge the bonds between three sisters, and complicate Melia's relationship with the young priest.

In Half Faerie, the first exciting installment in The Daughter of Light trilogy, an intriguing world backdrops Heidi Garrett's fantastical tale of mythical creatures and heart-breaking family relationships.

NOTE: Published for the first time in 2012, Nandana's Mark and The Flower of Isbelline have been revised and combined into this single edition with new material added.

In Illialei, a light queen practices black magic.

In Tyrannis, the dragonwitch rises to power.

In the mortal world, Umbra pursues the half-bloods as vessels of incarnation.

Energies in the enchanted world are shifting and new alliances are forming; the battle between Dark and Light has begun. Melia is desperate to make things right with Ryder, the young priest from Idonne, but first she must warn the half-bloods in the mortal world that Umbra is coming for them—and face the powerful dragonwitch and her spectacular Dragon Carnivale.

Melia soared over the enchanted gardens toward the tree house. She sought one of the oak’s lower branches and landed with moments to spare.

Tatou’s arms draped her neck, the limp weight of her small body and legs pressed against Melia’s back. Pixies were known to be deep sleepers, but it still amazed Melia that her best friend could fall asleep in flight. She would wake her in a minute. Right now, Melia wanted to rest in the deep hush that only came when the last edge of night slipped away.

A loud thud followed by the sharp rap of quick steps shattered the peace and quiet.

Melia blinked. The branch she perched on shot past the stairway that spiraled the oak’s trunk. Her eyes followed the wooden steps down to the ground. They were empty. The noisy intruder was inside.

Tatou murmured.

Below, a person Melia had never seen threw open the tree house’s front door. His gold hair, light eyes, trimmed beard, and lean build—not to mention his deep brown uniform—screamed Huron knight. Tiny scabs covered the side of his face and neck.

Maybe if she remained still, he wouldn’t raise his head and spot them through the thick veil of leaves.

He paused in the doorframe to adjust his coat. Melia smelled sweat and leather. The grey half-moons beneath his eyes made her think he’d been up all night.

Melia slowly craned her head to search the nearest row of trees. Could she reach the tall eucalyptus before the twitches began? She rustled her wings to alert Tatou.

“What?” her friend mumbled.

“Fly to the enchanted gardens.” Melia’s body vibrated. “Now!” She chirped the warning in the tongue of eagles just before her back, arms, and legs extended. Ripples in her flesh absorbed the feathers of her wings. The feathers on her back coalesced and smoothed into the same blue dress she’d worn to her sister’s wedding. She squeezed tree bark with her fingers, not talons.

The physical upheaval knocked Tatou from where she lay. Melia’s heart roared into her throat as her friend plummeted.

Heidi Garrett is the author of the author of the Daughter of Light series, a fantasy about a young half-faerie, half-mortal searching for her place in the Whole. She's also the contemporary fairy tale novella collection, Once Upon a Time Today. In these stand-alone retellings of popular and obscure fairy tales, adult characters navigate the deep woods of the modern landscape to find their Happily Ever Afters.
Heidi also collaborates with B. J. Limpin. They've cooked up a yummy paranormal romance, Cupcakes & Kisses!
Heidi was born in Texas, and in an attempt to reside in as many cities in that state as she could, made it to Houston, Lubbock, Austin, and El Paso. She now lives in Eastern Washington state with her husband, their two cats, her laptop, and her Kindle. Being from the South, she often contemplates the magic of snow.

May 29, 2015

Book Sale Promo! Cactus Creek Series by Violet Duke

"A new must-read series from Violet Duke. Not only will you fall in love with the characters, you'll fall in love with romance." --New York Times Bestselling Author Kathleen Brooks

Cactus Creek's most romantic eligible bachelor, new-to-town and new-to-singlehood chocolatier Luke Bradford believes in old school romance, fighting wars waged over love, and deploying his dimples whenever an impossible-to-resist woman instigates it. But for once, he's trying not to platter up his heart to get stomped on. Luckily, he has a brand new hobby to keep him from falling: 

...driving the addictively easy to incite beer-brewing beauty next door crazy. 

Cactus Creek's feisty brewmaster and town sweetheart Dani Dobson cannot believe how well that maddeningly charming man next door with all his chocolate-covered romantic idealism--the kind her heart has been shattered by before--can push all her buttons. If she's not careful, he'll sneak right past all her defenses. Luckily, she has her go-to hobby to keep her mind off him:

...playing her own version of cupid for everyone in town but herself. 

When Dani and Luke's inexplicable chemistry escalates their ensuing chocolate and beer feud into so much more, old wounds and new demons surface to bring them face-to-face with exactly what they've been protecting themselves from:

...the kind of love that can break their hearts all over again.

99¢ Amazon =

"Guaranteed feel-good, swoon-worthy romance!" -- New York Times Bestselling Author Erin Nicholas 

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Can't Resist series, comes a fan-requested surprise addition to the USA Today bestselling Cactus Creek series. 

She’s the Self-Proclaimed Wicked ‘Witch’ of the West 

Fiercely independent single mom Quinn Christiansen is used to flying solo. She’s been raising her young son and figuring out how to pay his pediatric hospital bills on her own for years now. And truth is, Quinn loves the notorious reputation she’s already gained in town of having a heart too hard for any man to break. Because it is. Two carats too hard, to be exact. Courtesy of the two-carat heirloom she’d had to barter to cover her ex’s debts when he took off after she got pregnant. The day she’d promised herself never again. 

So color her pissed when the universe goes and decides to make the one man in Cactus Creek not afraid of her natural ball-busting charm another gambling musician. A ridiculously handsome, wickedly gruff and gritty, pushy one at that. 

He’s Everything She’s Sure She Can’t Possibly Want 

Rylan Grey isn’t used to getting a woman so worked up…well, not in a bad way, at least. But somehow, his mere existence seems to annoy the guarded and gorgeous Quinn to no end. Surprising, really. A dirt-and-jeans landscaper by day with a regular gig to perform for a packed house by night, Rylan considers himself a decent guy. Sure, he’s made some gambles to get to where he’s at, but they were all of the life variety, with risks as important as the rewards, fate betting as the house, and not a single dollar in play. 

While Rylan never wagers anything he’s not willing to lose—namely his heart—he’s more than ready to ante up once he sees past Quinn’s icy defenses. Quick as a firecracker, loyal to a fault, and sweet when no one’s looking, she could be his riskiest gamble yet.

99¢ Amazon =

"Heart-melting and guaranteed to make you laugh and cry before you finish the last page." -- New York Times Bestselling Author Sawyer Bennett

He's a better fighter...but she has all the weapons.

After his combat injuries retire him from the military career he wasn't ready to give up, battle-scarred Hudson Reyes now spends his new life as a movie industry fight scene and weapons specialist simply doing what he knows best: surviving.

Until he meets her. The one woman who makes him want to live again.

An antique arms authenticator with a lifetime of martial arts training, Liana Lin has made a living turning the demons of her past into the passions that fuel, and fill, her life. She's a scrappy little thing. A sweet, angel-faced wrecking ball to his good intentions capable of making him laugh, and turning him inside out. Hell's bells, watching her execute that wicked roundhouse kick of hers shouldn't be a turn-on--especially not when his head is the receiving target--but hot damn, it is. She's a fiery, unpredictable paradox who wears her heart on her sleeve, despite the wounds he knows she has hidden as deeply as he hides his own.

Even though she's everything he's told himself he can't have, Hudson can't help but want her. Sure as sin, if one woman could sneak past the barbed wires he's wrapped around his heart, it'd be Lia.

Now if only they could stop sparring long enough to find out...

99¢ Amazon =

He may very well be the perfect ex... 

Isaac McKnight has had enough loss in his life to know never to take anything for granted. So when the perfectly-imperfect-woman-for-him puts an end to their relationship out of the blue, it's Isaac that makes sure they remain friends. Now a year later, whether it's at his gym or her brewpub, or the dog park they visit every weekend--though neither of them own a dog--he and Xoey are steadily getting sucked deeper into buddy-zone galaxy, with its dangerous proximity to watch-me-settle-down-with-someone-else abyss. It's a reality he's resigned himself to. That is...until one drunken confession changes everything. 

But she's looking for the perfect oh... 

For Xoey Montenegro, history has taught her that sometimes, it's Prince Charming who vanishes without a trace. And fairytale love? Highly overrated. Heck, give her a real and perfect 'oh' over that fantasy any day. So as far as rock-solid tequila-fueled plans for her love life go, coming up with a match-finding formula based on the qualities of the men responsible for her three most epic ohs seems brilliant. Except for the fact that one-third of her genius little man-quation is all about her friend Isaac. Actually, more than a third if Xoey were being honest with herself--which she's not. Because full honesty would require thinking not just about how perfect Isaac really is, but also about how perfect the fourth epic oh she's kept buried deep in her past once was. 

An easy enough thing to keep ignoring...until her past isn't past tense anymore.

99¢ Amazon =

NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels. Her NYT and USA Today bestselling books have been Top 10 bestsellers across the major eretailers both in the US and internationally. When she's not writing or feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, Violet enjoys tackling reno projects with her power tools, trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first, and cooking 'special edition' dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. A born and raised island girl, she spends her days getting into creatively fun trouble in Hawai'i alongside her two cute kids (daughter Violet & son Duke) and similarly adorable husband.
Find the latest on her books and fan giveaways at

March 1, 2015

Series Spotlight: Review, Interview and Giveaway! Awakened by Blood by Marie Treanor

“Gentle academic Elizabeth Silk accidentally awakens the most powerful vampire who ever existed. Saloman has spent the last three centuries in agonized "sleep", but now he's back and determined to regain his rightful position as prince of the undead - and of humanity. Elizabeth is catapulted into a dangerous journey of adventure, violence and self-discovery. She's the one being who can stop Saloman. And he's the only being she can love.”

Hello, Marie! Welcome on Mikky’s World Of Books!

Thank you, Mikky! I’m delighted to be here – love your new blog ☺

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’m Scottish. I live by the seaside with my husband of more than twenty years, my three troublesome but lovable kids and, since quite recently, a cute and crazy puppy. And I write books, mainly paranormal romance, but I go wherever my imagination takes me ☺.

How did you come up with the idea for the Awakened by Blood Series?

I think it was a mixture of things. I wanted to write a Gothic sort of story and I had this vision in my head of a stone figure rising from a tomb and advancing on the woman who’d disturbed him – proving, of course, not to be stone at all! I’ve always loved vampire stories, and the old Dracula films, and I wanted my undead hero to embody all the scary traits, the badness and pure power of a vampire villain, and yet be different. Saloman isn’t human; he doesn’t think or act like a human. He’s clever, calculating, ambitious, monstrously arrogant and utterly ruthless. But by his own lights, that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad being. Besides, he’s witty and sexy and has an unexpected sense of fun ☺.

Anyway once I thought up Saloman, I needed a heroine who was, on the face of it, an unlikely partner for him: a modest, rather self-effacing academic who turns out to be clever enough, strong enough and funny enough to both attract and thwart him, and then to hold his attention. Elizabeth grew with the story.

The first scene in the books takes place in Romania and everyone knows that the legend of Dracula was born there. Were you inspired by it?

Oh yes. Dracula is one of my favourite books of all time ☺. Plus, I have very pleasant memories of a summer spent there, trying to follow the route of Jonanthan Harker to Dracula’s castle ☺. Didn’t quite make it, though we got as far as a village near the Borgo Pass. Extraordinarily beautiful and atmospheric countryside.

Who was the most difficult character to write and why?

Hmm. I don’t know that any of them were difficult as such, though they did have odd difficult moments. Sometimes a scene wouldn’t work out right – like Saloman and Elizabeth’s meeting after she’d killed his ally in BLOOD SIN, when I realized I was trying to make him act out of character and had to rewrite it. And some of Elizabeth’s personal conflicts between her love for Saloman and support of the hunters were difficult. The conflict had to come out in more than words and be somehow resolved. There was always a lot going on inside her!

Is there anything of you in any of the characters?

I think there’s always something of an author, however little, in all their creations. I suppose Elizabeth has more of me than the others in Awakened by Blood, but these parts of her are me as I’d like to be ☺. I’m not nearly as adventurous or as bright as Elizabeth. But there is something of my nature in her. Mixed up with lots of other stuff ☺.

I know I have asked this before but, are you going to write more books about Saloman and Elizabeth? I know we see them here and there in The Blood Hunters Series but I want to know if there will be other books in the Awakened by Blood series. 

Well…I think Blood Eternal really finished the story of Awakened by Blood. However, I don’t rule out going back to Elizabeth and Saloman. I have an idea for a third series concentrating primarily on them, so we’ll see…

If you were to choose the actors for an Awakened by Blood movie, who do you think would be most suited to play Saloman and Elizabeth?

I don’t know! I’ve just been trawling the Internet for suitable-looking actors, and although I hesitated over a few – including Henry Cavil for Saloman - none of them are quite right! Maybe I’m too close to the characters to ever be satisfied ☺. In any case, looks are only the beginning. Saloman especially would have to be someone with a huge screen presence as well as looks… Have you come across anyone you think fits?

Would Saloman and Elizabeth like to leave a message for their fans? Do they have any questions for us?

I think Elizabeth at least would like to say thank you ☺. And… they might want to know what you would do in Elizabeth’s position. Would you allow yourself to be turned to spend eternity with the being you love? Should you? And if so, what would you DO with all that time and power?

Mikky - Hi, Elizabeth. I do not know how to answer your question. I do not want to give spoilers but I think you have all the reasons to accept. You are the only one who grounds Saloman and he needs you just as much as you need him. He has changed so much.

I also think you are ready for this responsibility. I am not so brave. 

What are you working on right now?

A little prequel to the Serafina’s series, following the gang’s first real case, before they even met Blair ☺. And talking of prequels, there’s one to the Awakened by Blood and Blood Hunters series coming soon! BLOOD SONG is about an opera singer and a vengeful vampire in the days leading up to Saloman's awakening. I'm publishing it in serialized chapters on Wattpad right now - - but if you subscribe to my Newsletter - - you can email me for a PDF copy of the whole book.

What advice would you give to all the aspiring authors out there?

I never really know how to answer this question, because every author’s journey seems to be different! My general advice is to read lots and to write constantly. Be critical of your writing to make it as good as it can be, and accept criticism from those you trust for the same reason. Try also to get your head around promotion and marketing (never quite managed that one myself ☺), and never give up!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us Marie and thank you to Saloman and Elizabeth as well. We do hope to see more of them soon. 

It’s been a pleasure! Thank you so much for having all of us here ☺.

Read the Blood on Silk review HERE

Blood Sin
Saloman’s strength is increasing and he’s forging new alliances. He’s now ready to face the future and to bring all the vampires together. Nothing and no one will stand in his way. Even more so when he’s made up his mind to get his possessions back.

Nothing and no one except a beautiful, intelligent woman who still doesn’t trust him even if she’s crazy in love with him. 

Elizabeth is ready to fight everyone to keep her relatives alive and out of the reach of Saloman. She is stronger now, trained to face any danger. Oh, but the greatest danger has nothing to do with the vampires trying to get to her and kill the Awakener who brought their greatest fear back to life. 

There’s so much going on at this point in both Saloman and Elizabeth’s lives and many things are changing. 

He is changing. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still an arrogant, condescending, cruel bastard but with Elizabeth he’s different. She’s changing him in unexpected ways but, at the same time, he’s changing her. 

The chase for stolen artifacts will forge new alliances, break old friendships and strengthen bonds. The future is still uncertain for Saloman and Elizabeth and they still have a long way to go and many more challenges to face that will either bring them together forever or finally drive them apart. 

You just have to keep reading to find out but it will be worth it. 

Happy Reading!!

Blood Eternal

Third and final installment in the Awakened by Blood series, Blood Eternal is the epic conclusion of Saloman and Elizabeth story.

We’ve seen them meet, fall in love and fall apart and now they’ll have to decide if they’re ready to build a life together or go their separate ways.

Saloman has brought the vampires together but there are still those who won’t follow his rules. His relationship with Elizabeth is still uncertain and the Hunters are still determined to bring him down.

If this wasn’t complicated enough, a presence from the past threatens to destroy them and everything around them so the powerful vampire, his reluctant lover and the determined Hunters will have to learn to work together or they won’t stand a chance.

When all is said and done, their lives will have changed forever and the biggest challenge has yet to be faced by Elizabeth who’s role in the story is much more important than they could have imagined. 

I loved this series. It has become one of my favorites really fast and ever since I’m pestering Marie to write more about Saloman and Elizabeth. 

I think it has what it takes to satisfy everyone- there’s action, mystery, the dark and dangerous hero who, in some ways, is not a hero at all but he has a way of getting under your skin until it’s impossible to get him out. Then, there’s the intelligent, determined heroine who will not be swayed by her feelings and who is strong enough to make the right decision even when her soul is in pieces.

I don’t exactly remember how and where I found this series but I am so, so glad I’ve decided to give it try and I highly recommend it. It’s definitely a must read. 

Simply brilliant.

P.S.- I call dibs on Saloman, though *wink*

Happy Reading!!

Marie Treanor lives in Scotland with her eccentric husband, three much-too-smart children and a small puppy who rules them all. Having grown bored with city life, she resides these days in a picturesque village by the sea where she is lucky enough to enjoy herself avoiding housework and writing sensual stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.
Marie is the award winning author of over forty sexy paranormal romances - Indie, New York and E-published.
Subscribe to her New Release Mailing List and receive a free preview of BLOOD SONG, the not yet published prequel to the Awakened by Blood trilogy and the Blood Hunters series:

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You can find out more about Marie and her books on her website
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To enter the signed paperback giveaway click HERE

January 20, 2015

Series Spotlight (Interview and Giveaway)! My Master's Nightmare Season 1 by Marita A. Hansen

Episodes 1 to 5 - Amazon 
Episodes 6 to 10 - Amazon 
Episodes 11 to 15 - Amazon

Like a television series, My Masters’ Nightmare is broken up into seasons and episodes. There are fifteen episodes per season.

Warning: This series is a soap opera and has M/M and M/F non-con and dub-con. It is very dark and violent, so if this isn't for you, don't read it.

My Review ... 

Fair warning – this is all Dark. There’s no romance, no flowers and hearts and rainbows. 

I don’t even know where to begin.

As the title sais, what starts as a police operation to dismantle a human trafficking network turns into anyone’s worst nughtmare.

Rita Kovak never imagined that being chosen for this particular assignment will change her life forever.

She wants to avenge her husband’s murder and what better way to do it than taking down those responsible?

But what if everything she believed was a well constructed lie?

Rita will find herself in a world more messed up than even a tough girl like her can handle as the story revolves around the war between two Italian mafia families.

To be honest, I have no clue how to describe this series.

The writing style is great, Marita did a really good job. There are twists and turns you’ll never see coming and you’ll realize that nothing is what it seems. Some of the characters you hated in the beginning, you’ll change your mind about them in the end. No, you won’t love them because there’s nothing for you to love in My Master’s Nightmare but you’ll be so captivated by the story that you won’t be able to give up reading. It has been like that for me.

I recommend it but it will mess you up.

Happy Reading!

Warning! Not suited under 18

Author Interview ...

Hi, Marita! Welcome to Mikky’s World Of Books. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

·         Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in New Zealand, where I’ve lived for most of my life. Though, I’m full Croatian, just with a New Zealand accent :)

I’ve always been interested in writing, but started off as an artist. I worked as a graphic designer and a fine artist. I also went to university, getting a Bachelors of Arts in Art History and Italian, and a post graduate Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in Art History.

In my thirties I started writing fiction. I originally wrote a YA fantasy story, but dropped it for a New Zealand series based around a rough neighbourhood where I used to live. The first book went to the top of two writers’ websites, getting reviews from Harper Collins and Orion. I published it as Behind the Hood (Behind the Lives #1). Its sequels are Behind the Tears and Behind the Lens, along with a prequel called Graffiti Heaven.

However, I needed to make a living from my writing and since New Zealand social realism fiction isn’t a well known genre; I decided to write something that I hoped sold better so I could continue writing. That’s where My Masters’ Nightmare comes in.

·         How did you come up with the idea for My Masters’ Nightmare?

I saw how the kidnapping genre was popular. However, I didn’t like the weak and whiny women I saw in some of them, so I decided to write a story about a strong woman. And since I liked reading Italian mafia stories when I was younger, especially Mario Puzo’s works, I decided to make the main character an FBI agent who goes after the Italian mafia. Also, I thought I could finally use my Italian degree.

Anyway, I’m getting off the topic. I saw another author writing serials, and since I like writing books in a television format, I decided to break My Masters’ Nightmare up into episodes. Though, that ended up being an exhausting task when I stupidly said I would publish 15 episodes for Season 1. I’m a bit rash and will blurt things out, then regret it later. It also made it even harder when I started hating writing the story. Because of it, I almost quit after Episode 5, especially since the story became much darker and crazier than I’d intended. It’s one thing to read a harsh story like this and another to write it. Plus, I had to write very fast to get each episode out in time, which exhausted me. But ... a group of ladies from Goodreads talked me out of quitting. They offered to beta read since the editing cost was breaking my bank account. So, I ended up completing the fifteen episodes.

And since I decided not to have a second season, I rounded everything off in the finale, putting in an epilogue so readers knew what happened after the climatic scene. However, I didn’t feel that the epilogue was enough, so I’ve decided to write a book detailing the full story of what happened in Russia. That book is due out this year and is called One Night with Jagger. It’ll be classified as My Masters’ Nightmare #16, The Five Families #2, and will also be linked to The Santini Brothers series.

·         What can we expect next? Is the story over for these characters?

You will see all the characters again as they are moving to two guaranteed series and one possible series: The first two are: The Santini Brothers (about Alessandro’s family) and The Five Families (A group of novels and novellas about the five main mafia families from the island). The possible series is Frano & Rita. If that series happens, it will be set in America, and detail Frano and Rita’s problems with the mafia there as well as the FBI.

·         Can you tell us something about your new project?

The Santini Brothers series follows another mafia family. In My Masters’ Nightmare you got the D’Angelo’s story. The D’Angelos were human traffickers. The Santini in comparison are gun runners as well as having their hand in other legal and illegal enterprises. So, unlike My Masters’ Nightmare you won’t get full blown erotica - unless you go near Alessandro, lol. Anyway, the Santini Brothers is a mix of romance, action, thriller, and family drama. The Santini clan is the biggest on the island. There are numerous brothers and two sisters. Each brother will get a book, the first being Ricardo (the Don). The second book is about Brando, the hitman of the family.

The other book series linked to My Masters’ Nightmare, The Five Families, also has its first book out. It’s called I Love You, Salvatore and is about another Santini brother and the love of his life.

·         Do you identify with any of your characters? Is there something of you in them?

No. There are no characters in My Masters’ Nightmare that I identify with. However, there is one character in another series I do identify with, but I would never admit who it is :) But I will admit to one other character who has one of my bad habits - Maia from Behind the Hood. Like her, I smile when I’m in trouble, which gets me into even more trouble.

·         What advice would you give to all the aspiring authors out there?

Don’t take all criticism to heart. Not everyone will like your writing. Take encouragement from the ones who do.

·         Thank you, again, for sharing your thoughts with us, Marita. It was a pleasure to talk to you.

You’re welcome.

Connect with Marita on