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November 3, 2015

Release Day Blitz & Guest Post! The Scars And Sorrows Saga by Mary E. Palmieri

SCARS - banner

Scars and Sorrow Saga SET

International bestselling author, Mary E. Palmerin, concludes her first series, The Scars and Sorrow Saga, with an emotional end to the Harper family's journey. Six stories. A moving epilogue. One family. And the virtue they all attempt to hold on to... hope. Fall in love with this raw, poignant saga as you travel the path of Lyla Harper while she tries to grasp onto love, let go of loss, and believe in tomorrow. Will the Harper family get the happily-ever-after they have endlessly wished for?

Secrets of the Scars and Sorrow Saga This series is complete and I never did much promo for it. I can’t explain why. The subsequent works that followed these are a lot darker in nature. I can’t say it was the content I was scared of sharing. I reached out a few times here and there, but mostly, I would write a book and hit publish. It wasn’t until Gwen and Welch’s story did I spread my wings, take off, and fly. Three years later, six stories, and one emotional ending, this saga is complete. It is truly bittersweet. Since it is hundreds of thousands of words in length, a blog tour wasn’t something that would be feasible. Natalie asked me to write a guest post about the inspiration behind the series. I know, I know… you’ve probably heard millions of stories regarding how a person was moved to write. And you know what? It’s awesome! I’ve always stated how close Lyla’s story is to me. I proudly support Project Semicolon, and I even have a tattoo of one on my left wrist. I’m sure people who don’t know me have made assumptions about me and my life, especially after I have met some at signings and they see how passionate I am about the stories I have written. Now, I am going to tell you my story. I was four-years-old the first time I remember feeling fear. I’m not talking about the kind of distress from a scary story that is told over a speckling campfire, or from a pretend ghoul while trick-or-treating. I’m describing the kind of dread that still, at twenty-eight, makes my heart flutter with unease. It’s ironic how so many people feel like they were destined to “be” something or someone. I never felt that, except in the path of destruction. What a mystery, that very destruction has lead me to this fantastic dream I am basking in… I only remember holding onto the fear and sadness. Thinking back to being in that hot truck when I was four makes me want to go into my office, pour a cup of coffee, and spill those emotions into the stories that I create. I recall reaching my little arm out to roll the window down, but it was too short to reach the lever. The seat was torn and it scratched my little legs. I’ve held onto that horror since. I’m not the type of person that lives with regret. I don’t believe in do-overs. Maybe I was put through that to be here… to tell these stories and give the world a glance into a different facet; for people to discern that life isn’t ever what it seems. Prince Charming and Mr. Nice Guy aren’t always so nice. Sometimes the dark-haired little girl with pink glasses is crying inside. Through the dread, the monsters, and the pain, I also saw another side of the world. Good people came into my life and family became the very foundation in which I was built. Who would have thought it would be possible to tear down a little girl before she was even able to stand on her own two feet? But I did. My mother, sister, brother, and extended family became my rock. Through heaviness and despair, we were always who one another could lean on. As an adult, I’ve been known for my kindness, randomly sending a care package to one of my street-teamers in need. Lifting people up with my words and always having a positive attitude is another attribute I am known for. Of course, it would have been easier to dismiss the decency that popped into my life and become one of the horrific people that saturated it at different times, but I didn’t. Moments such as when Christmases were hard for my mother, raising three kids on her own, graciousness was shown to us. The good side of the world gave us mercy that year, giving me faith. Hope. Belief in life. Words. They have the ability to create so many things. I have used them to cope. I started to write when I was eight, but as time passed, it would no longer be enough for me as the face, voice, and memories from my monster haunted me. New monsters would meet me and become too much. My secrets were too plentiful to handle. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, “Am I alive, God?” but my scream was silent. It echoed on the inside. I needed it to stop. I hurt myself. A lot. That shiny little vane was the only friend that knew my secrets and remained silent. It never judged, it simply listened to my commands and hurt me, making me bleed until my eyes exploited the sorrow that spilled from my soul. I continued to write, mostly short-stories and poems. Being a teenager was one of the roughest eras of my life, as new monsters greeted me. Again, nothing is what it seems. That is the line that I use in every book I write. I became a master at pretending when everyone around me was finding their happiness. My mother remarried an amazing man, one that I am lucky enough to call my father now. My sister fell in love. My brother went to college, then joined the Marines, eventually becoming an incredible father. Things were changing. Family was still the basis of what mattered, but I was stranded in my own personal darkness, and it was swallowing me whole. I would drown before I escaped. Tragedy would envelop my family and lives would be lost. Again, though clichĂ©, I do believe everything happens for a reason. I made it through my teenage years. It wasn’t easy. I learned a lot. I hurt a lot, and I wrote… A LOT. I also kept everything I ever wrote, mostly dark poetry and scribblings. Again, it would prove to be inspiration for this series. Watching my family hurt is the worst imaginable pain, but the most unbelievable thing is that we will always have one another. I watched one lose the love of their life. I watched another lose their best friend. I watched one return home from war a different person, but our love would remain the same, because we traveled to hell and back. We fucking survived. At nineteen, my life changed interminably. I met my now-husband soon after I graduated from high school. We were on-again, off-again. I knew that if I didn’t go back to my safe place, life wouldn’t give me a hundredth chance. In November 2006, I took a chance when I was drowning in an abyss of blackness. I called him and he told me two words that changed me forever. “Come home.” And I never left. My husband is the happily-ever-after I never thought I deserved. My life was never supposed to end up like this. Though still in the two-stoplight town that reminds me of my past, it also reminds me of my future. It reminds me of a tomorrow that I will be blessed with. It gives me the hope that I never let myself let go of. My happily-ever-after isn’t perfect. The road was bumpy and full of scars and sorrow, some that I still wear, but my little 1200-square foot 1940s home is where my life is, in Indiana, with my husband, kids, and dream that is at my fingertips. I won’t ever let go of that fear. It isn’t so bad. It has, after all, given me ten amazing stories. I suppose you can say that it is a friend of sorts. The fear from my past will never subside because I don’t want it to. It reminds me that I am brave. I have survived. I can show people just how beautiful hope is. Imperfection is magnificent. Lyla is strong. She is fierce. She is fucking brave. And she got the ending she deserved. I got the ending I deserve, too. This may have not been what you expected. That’s alright. It may be taken well, perhaps it won’t. I don’t write for that. I write to heal. To help others heal. To make others see that through our brokenness is sometimes where we find ourselves. I know I did. In conclusion, I hope if you take one thing away from this series and my story, it’s to never judge someone. Always be kind. And carpe fucking diem.  


International bestselling author of the Monster series. Writer of dark, taboo tales. Lover of tattoos, art, and a hopeless book junkie.


August 31, 2015

Release Day Blitz! Empathy, The Complete Boxset by Ker Dukey

Boxset Banner
Box Set SOLATED image

Amazon reviewers have been raving about this bestselling series. 
Now for the first time B&N and iBook users can see what kindle users have been saying is "one of the best mind f*ucks you'll ever read!" 
The box set is specially priced at 99¢/99p for release week ONLY. 
This is the entire Empathy series including, Empathy, Desolate, Vacant and Deadly.
Boxset Sale pic
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Boxset Meet Ker

ker pic

I have always had a passion for storytelling, whether it be through lyrics or bed time stories with my sisters. I wanted to be an actress growing up so I could live many roles but I learned early on that my mind was too active… I would want to change the script.I would watch films and think of ways they could have improved the story if they took another direction so i thought it best that i tell my own.

My mum would always have a book in her hand when I was young and passed on her love for reading, inspiring me to venture into writing my own. I tend to have a darker edge to my writing. Not all love stories are made from light, some are created in darkness but are just as powerful and worth telling.

When I’m not lost in the world of characters I love spending time with my family. I’m a mum and that comes first in my life but when I do get down time I love attending music concerts or reading events with my younger sister.

You can find me on Facebook where I love interacting with my readers.
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August 25, 2015

Release Day Blast! Dragon Guard Series Box Set by Julia Mills

Dragon Guard BS Release Banner copy

Box Set JLM non 3D WEB 05292015

Box Set 7 Books JLM WEB 05292015

Enter the World of the Dragon Guard…Forever be Changed.

All Seven Books in the Dragon Guard series in one place plus a BONUS NOVELLA from USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Mills!

There Are No Coincidences. The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes. Fate Will Not Be Denied.

Her Dragon to Slay – Revised, rewritten and re-edited!!!!!!

The chemistry between a strong-willed curvy girl and fierce warrior makes all the difference in the world where nothing is as it seems. The existence of an ancient race of honor-clad, tradition-bound protectors might be hard to accept but now the dead are coming back to life and holding a knife to her neck. Can these fated mates defeat their greatest enemies and get their happily ever after?

Her Dragon’s Fire - – Revised, rewritten and re-edited!!!!!!

Her brilliant blues eyes and luscious curves have fueled his fantasies for over six years. The guilt of his younger brother’s death a weight around his heart that kept him from claiming the one the Universe had made for him. Now, nothing was as he thought and the woman he believed was unattainable is within his grasp, if only he can keep her safe from those that would use her to hurt him.

Haunted by Her Dragon

Lance has spent his long life cracking jokes and making fun of his brethren as each succumbed to the sappiness of everlasting love with the one that completes them like no other. Now the Universe is the one laughing and his fellow Guardsmen are the ones making jokes as the mating call of his kin push him headlong towards the one that will bring light to his soul. He can no longer deny that he is meant to spend the rest of his many years with Sam but his obligation to eliminate any threats to her life must come first…right? For the Guardsman who has hot-dogged his way through one hundred and twelve years, one brown-eyed curly-headed doctor will make him rethink everything he ever knew.

For the Love of Her Dragon

Two souls…destined for a Great Love decreed by Fate. But Fate has Her hands full with this couple, and if that wasn’t enough, the traitor has an army ready to destroy all they both hold dear. Can Royce forget the past and believe in the future? Can Kyra forgive a betrayal that cuts deep and believe Love will always find a way? Can they defeat an evil with no conscience, only the desire for vengeance? The Universe, the Goddess and Fate have their work cut out for them if Kyra is to know the love of her dragon.

Saved by Her Dragon

Anya is the light of his soul and the only woman able to tame the beast within. Devon has the strength and knowledge she will need in the coming days. Together, they just may be the key to saving Dragon kin. All they have to do is defeat the traitor…but that means they have to find him first.

Only for Her Dragon

Nobody said it was going to be easy. The fight will be real. It will take compromise and a love created by the Universe. Only Charlie can take the leap of faith, and only for her dragon...

Fighting for Her Dragon

One doomed dragon. One very special woman. One destiny no one could have predicted. Will they save dragon kin or destroy it?

BONUS NOVELLA: Her Dragon’s Heart

What do you get when you combine one head-strong dragon shifter with a young woman whose past won’t stay hidden, add a coven of demon-raising wizards and a Fate that will not be denied? The perfect recipe for sizzling romance, spine-tingling intrigue, sword swinging action and swoon-worthy love.

DG - Teaser 1

DG - Tease 2

Julia Mills - author_picMom of two rockin' girls, Reader of everything, Author of The Dragon Guards series and many more surprises to come!
I am a sarcastic,sometimes foul-mouthed, not afraid to drink a beer, always southern woman with 2 of the most amazing teenage daughters,
a menagerie of animals and a voracious appetite for reading who recently decided to write the storied running through her brain. I read my first book, Dr Suess' Cat in The Hat by myself at 4 and was hooked.
I believe a good book along with shoes, makeup and purses will never let a girl down and that all heroes of all the books
I have ever read or will ever write pale in comparison to my daddy! I am a sucker for a happy ending and love some hot sweaty sex with a healthy dose of romance.
I am still working on my story but believe it will contain all of the above with as much SPICE as I can work into it. CHEERS!

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August 24, 2015

Release Day Blitz! Seductive Nights Box Set by Lauren Blakely

We are thrilled to bring you the release day launch for Lauren Blakely's SEDUCTIVE NIGHTS: The Standalone Novels. This box set features both standalone novels from the New York Times Seductive Nights Series, NIGHTS WITH HIM and FORBIDDEN NIGHTS in one place!

A Message from Lauren:

Surprise! I've packaged the two standalone novels in the Seductive Nights series in a box set for the first time! This limited time, three-day sale is a savings of 80% off the cost of the two books if purchased individually and the first time to get these books on sale! So if you've been wanting to read one or both of these titles, now is your chance! The price of this box set goes up in just a few days! Don’t miss your chance to grab both of these sexy, passionate books for just $.99 each while you can!
The Seductive Nights: The Standalone Novels Box Set will be at its lowest price ever as an introductory rate at just $1.99 for a limited time only, but this price will go up following its release!
  Standalones3D Amazon 

The Standalone Novels Box Set: Seductive Nights: The Standalone Novels is a box set of the two New York Times Bestselling standalone novels in the wildly popular SEDUCTIVE NIGHTS series by bestselling romance author Lauren Blakely. 

NIGHTS WITH HIM Jack Sullivan is a Sex Toy Mogul. An extremely eligible bachelor in New York, he's the full package, right down to his full package. Hell, this man could be the model for one of the toys his company, Joy Delivered, peddles. Instead, he's the powerful and successful CEO and he's got commitment issues a mile-long after the tragic way his relationship with his fiancĂ©e ended. He's looking for a way to erase the pain and that arrives in the form of Michelle Milo. From her pencil skirts to her high heels, she's his perfect fantasy, especially since she has no idea who he is the night they meet at a hotel bar. He doesn't have a clue either that she's the brilliant psychologist his sister has arranged for him to see to help him get over his past. His touch helps her forget that other man. When he shows up at her office door the next day, there's no way in hell she's going to treat him after they've slept together. Jack isn't willing to let go of the first woman he's felt anything for in years so he proposes a deal - share her nights with him for thirty days. At the end of one month of exquisite pleasure, they walk away, having helped each other move on from their haunted pasts. But soon, all those nights threaten to turn into days as the lines between lust and matters of the heart start to blur. Can two people so terribly afraid of love truly fall head over heels? 

FORBIDDEN NIGHTS She has been the star of his dirty dreams for years. Sexy hotel CEO Nate Harper has lusted after his good friend Casey Sullivan for a long time, and she's cried out his name in pleasure countless times in his fabulously filthy fantasies. But even though he's quite skilled at pleasing a woman, he won't act on his intense desire because he knows he's no good for her. After the kind of hurt his ex inflicted on him, he's a committed playboy for life, and Casey only wants true love. All that changes one hot night when she comes to him with a proposition he can't resist -- she wants him to teach her to be submissive in the bedroom. Casey soon learns how very much she likes letting go of control to him. She's never been more turned on in her life than she is in Nate's arms. And he's never been more taken by a woman. The only trouble is as she experiences what it means to let go, he starts to experience what it means to feel again...And the lessons in seduction threaten to turn into so much more than either one bargained for... What happens when years of desire and lust ignite a passion that can't be denied?

✦ Amazon US➙ ✦ Amazon UK➙ ✦ Amazon CAN➙ ✦ Amazon AUS➙ ✦ Amazon Paperback➙ ✦ iBooks US ➙ ✦ iBooks UK ➙ ✦ B&N ➙ ✦ Kobo ➙ ✦ GooglePlay ➙

Finished the Seductive Nights Series and need more of Lauren Blakely’s smoldering men? Check out her Sinful Nights Series for more steamy nights! The second book, SINFUL DESIRE, is headed your way on September 22nd and you won’t believe what Lauren has cooked up for you! Check out this amazing SINFUL DESIRE contest!

Feeling the Desire to have a Sinful night of your own? Then you’ll want to take the Sinful Nights quiz and answer fun trivia questions about the Sinful Nights series! To celebrate the release of SINFUL DESIRE on September 22nd, Lauren is giving away a $500 gift card for a stay at the Ritz Carlton nearest you!*

Everything you need to turn your fantasy into reality and enter the Sinful Nights contest during release week can be found in the back of the SINFUL DESIRE eBook, including the short quiz on the book that you have to complete to enter the contest. The SINFUL DESIRE eBook is the ONLY location with the link to the quiz. The release week contest runs through Saturday, September 26, ONLY, so you’ll have to make this read a quickie to enter to win this awesome prize! In addition to the grand prize, there are several other great prizes in the giveaway!

So preorder your copy of SINFUL DESIRE today and mark your calendars for September 22nd! Get ready to ignite your passion and dive into SINFUL DESIRE on release day!

*Please note: If you are the winner and there is no Ritz Carlton near you, you may opt to receive a $500 gift card to any Marriott property, or Marriott-owned hotel.

** If you purchase the paperback and would like to participate in the contest, please contact me at for instructions.


Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and she has had eight books on the New York Times Bestseller list and fourteen on the USA Today Bestseller list. Like the heroine in her novel, FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. She loves hearing from readers! Her bestselling series include Sinful Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire. She recently released SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS, the first novel in her new sexy romance series Sinful Nights that became an instant New York Times Bestseller. Her new adult forbidden romance, 21 Stolen Kisses, hit e-readers in May and landed on the USA Today Bestseller list. In September, she'll release SINFUL DESIRE, her next title in the bestselling SINFUL NIGHTS series. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, text BLAKELY + your email address to 678-249-3375 (please use the actual + sign). 


August 13, 2015

Release day Blitz! Filthy Beautiful Lies: The Series by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Lies: The Series 
One sale now for just $4.99 (FREE in KU!) Regular price will be $6.99.
Discover the romantic, erotic and suspenseful New York Times and USA Today bestselling FILTHY BEAUTIFUL LIES series, which was named The Next Fifty by Newsweek Magazine. This bundled set contains both Filthy Beautiful Lies and Filthy Beautiful Love, the complete story of Colton and Sophie.

I have no idea why she auctioned off her virginity for a cool mill. Regardless, I'm now the proud new owner of a perfectly intact hymen. A lot of good that will do me. I have certain tastes, certain sexual proclivities. My cock is a bit more discriminatory than most. And training a virgin takes finesse and patience - both of which I lack.

Sophie Evans has been backed into a corner. With her sister's life hanging in the balance, the only choice is to claw her way out, even if that means selling her virginity to the highest bidder at an exclusive erotic club. When Colton Drake takes her home, she quickly learns nothing is as it seems with this beautifully troubled man. Being with him poses challenges she never expected, and pushes her to want things she never anticipated.


When Colton Drake paid one million dollars for Sophie Evan’s virginity, the last thing he expected was to fall for her – hard – and then to watch her walk away. But when Sophie discovers that Colton has been lying to her, it is going to take more than money to get her back.

Colton won’t be deterred. Sophie is his - she just doesn’t know it yet. Can he seal the deal and rock her world so thoroughly she’ll never want to leave again, or is it too late…

Still watching my reaction, he lifts one dark brow. "Honestly, I’d love a blowjob, but considering the mistrust in your eyes, I’m not sure having your teeth that close to my dick would be the wisest decision."

"I wouldn’t…"

"You wouldn’t what? Blow me? That’s part of the agreement, sweetness, and if you tell me you don’t like sucking cock, we’re going to have a problem."

"No, I meant I wouldn’t bite you." I’m not a violent person.

He smiles at me, his full lips parting to reveal straight white teeth. Apparently that news has made him happy. He looks friendly and relaxed when he smiles at me like that and I imagine him being a regular guy – someone I’d meet out at a bar and flirt with. I’d let him buy me a drink and fantasize about kissing those soft lips as we spoke. Blinking several times, I realize I’ve been watching his mouth for too long and my eyes dart back up to his.

His smile fades and his hands go to his belt buckle, unlatching the silver clasp with a soft click and sliding it free.

Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including Hard to Love, Unravel Me, Resisting Her and When I Break.
She's a sassy, yet polite Midwestern girl with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss. She lives in Minneapolis with her adorable husband and two baby sons, and enjoys hiking, being active, and reading.
Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras

July 10, 2015

Book blast - Excerpt & Giveaway! Bad Boys Club Box Set by M.A. Church

Not all romances are sweet and fluffy. 

Pounding music and writhing bodies fill the dance floor at Night Moves. A small, very elite group of friends called The Bad Boys Club use the place as their personal hunting grounds. Spoilt, powerful, and totally amoral, they use men without thought for the consequences of their actions. But each of these predators harbors a secret desire, a passion, that drives him. 

And it hasn't gone unnoticed. 

Three dangerous paranormals on the prowl for a mate stalk the humans. Dark and deadly desires are their calling cards. A demon prince, an ancient vampire, and one of the deadliest werewolves to exist have their sights on The Bad Boys Club and their sensual secrets. Love comes in all forms, even for unscrupulous humans and lethal paranormals. 

Publisher's Note: Bad Boy's Club contains the previously published novellas Lust and Ice, Into the Darkness, and Haunting the Night.

Lust and Ice

"You have the devil's own luck," Jordan groaned.

"Actually, that's Kain. I'm still behind him by two virgins."

"How do you find these guys?" Allen complained. "I've only managed to find two!"

"Oh shut up. You're one ahead of me." Jordan rolled his eyes.

"Back on subject, fellows. Did I mention how sweetly he cried?" Hugh smirked. "And get this... he's thinks I'm going to keep calling him now, be his boyfriend. Seems like he was waiting for that special someone, the love of his life."

"Yeah, right. What a loser." Allen sneered. "How often did you have to tell him you loved him?"

"Too many times." Hugh's disgust was clear as he raised his glass and winked. "Like I'd be caught dead outside of a bedroom with someone like that."

"Goes without saying." Kain sprawled in his chair. "So, how's it looking down there? Fill me in."

"Jordan and I have a bet going about who's going to do that redhead on the dance floor first," Allen said. "He's the one with the green shirt, there in the middle."

"Why not do him together?" Hugh asked.

"We plan to." Allen winked. "I said I'd do him first. We'll tag team him later. Been awhile since Jordan and I got to do a double penetration."

Kain's hearty laugh boomed out, drawing attention from those around them. "I almost feel sorry for the guy." Kain glanced around the group; several pairs of disbelieving eyes stared back at him. "Okay, no I don't."

"The legendary Ice feels sorry?" Hugh's lips twisted. "That'll be a cold day in hell."

"Hell wouldn't have me."

"Oh yeah, it would. Personally, I think we'd end up ruling hell." Allen smirked at Kain.

"Ah, someone has that position, remember?" Jordan shrugged.

"We could be kings, or lords."

"There's supposed to be seven princes of hell. One for each deadly sin." Hugh rolled his eyes as his friends stared at him. "What?

Into the Darkness
“Same plan as usual?” 

Allen waited until Jordan turned and looked at him. “Why mess with what works? I’ll move in first, then you come in after I set him up. We’ll get him all hot and bothered, then take his ass home. I bet we have him in bed before the hour is out.” 

Jordan slapped Allen on the back. “I agree. If it isn’t broke, why fix it? Although it would be nice, for once, if our marks didn’t just fall to the floor and puddle at our feet.” 

“Are you nuts? Besides, what do you expect out of these sluts?” Allen shrugged. “And by the way, I will fuck him first.” 

“Keep telling yourself that. Got a feeling he’s going to beg me to do him first.” 

Allen rolled his eyes. They’d just see about that. “My place or yours this time?” 

They lived just a block apart. Allen had tried to buy an apartment in the same building as Jordan, but there had been nothing available that was as nice. Allen ended up purchasing his own place as close as he could to Jordan. 

Jordan shrugged as he searched the dance floor. “Doesn’t matter to me, but my place is probably cleaner. The maid came yesterday.” 

“Fine by me, we’ll do him at your place then. Besides, you have more toys. And a bigger bed.” 

“Thought you took care of that little oversight?” 

“My new bed will be arriving next week. Plus, I want you to go with me to check out some of the toys I found at this new place that just opened up. You have a better feel for things like that.” 

“Competitive asshole.” 

Allen chuckled. “Pot… meet kettle. You went out and bought a new BMW just because I got one. I’m not even going to mention the hair.” 

Jordan shrugged, then stepped aside as someone -- a tiny blond who looked entirely too young to be allowed in the club -- passed him. “I liked yours better. Hey Allen, did you see that little blond twink?” 

Allen raised an eyebrow as he looked in the direction Jordan indicated. “Hmm? No, I didn’t. But a blond? Really? Are you feeling okay?” 

“Not for us, you shit. I was thinking that was more along the line of what Hugh likes -- young, sweet, and innocent. Even though he doesn’t look old enough to be in here.” 

“Playing matchmaker now, are you?” 

“Fuck off.” Jordan laughed as he pushed Allen toward the dance floor.

M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

When not writing, she’s exploring the latest M/M novel to hit the market, watching her beloved Steelers, or sitting glued to HGTV. That’s if she’s not on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two children. 

She was a finalist in the Rainbow awards for 2013. Drop by her blog at