October 24, 2016

A Writer's Journey.

A lost soul in a sea of words. A defeated creature who’s wings have repeatedly been thorn before I even tried to learn how to fly.

There was a time when words came to me so easily. I just had to find the time to write them down. Everything was an inspiration – a child’s smile, a flower blooming, a drop or rain, a ray of sunshine…

I had yet to learn what pain and heartache really meant.

I had yet to learn how easily trust can be broken.

I had yet to learn how to live when you feel that there’s no reason for it anymore.

And just like that, one day, the words were gone. I couldn’t hear anymore, there was nothing left to see.

Something was gone and I couldn’t find a way to bring it back. I was lost.

Sadness was all I had left.

He took everything the day he left and I had nothing but solitude and a broken, shattered heart.

But then I remembered. There was something else I loved.


I loved reading. I loved losing myself in someone else’s life even if it was for a few minutes.

And that’s what I did.

I lost myself in countless books. Countless stories. Countless lives.

Time went by and, slowly, the words started to return.

They weren’t bright and happy and full of hope anymore. They were sad, they spoke of heartbreak and loneliness and lessons leaned.

They spoke of a once naive girl who thought she could have it all but lost more than she could afford.

And I’ve read…

Now, I have my own stories to tell. The characters are not perfect and their lives are not all sunshine and roses but they fight for what they love and they still believe in Happily Ever After even if it doesn’t always happen to them.

This is me. The girl who writes.

Welcome to A Writer’s Journey.

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